Song of the Moment: Wo de sunshine…


In the beginning, I dislike this song. I thought it was too slow and bland. But I gradually starting to fall for it as I catch up on My Sunshine episodes. The song is not as catchy as other song but it is so gentle and soft and the tune is so romantic… Also, the meaning behind the lyrics, which I hardly care but I do now, are so beautiful. Chinese language is very poetic and some are just hard to translate it to English. Peanut from Fanatical did a really great job in translating the lyrics so xie xie ni! By the way, I now realized the reason why I look forward to watching this drama even though I dislike this drama so much… It is because of the song! Now who this voice belongs to? I couldn’t figure out whether it was a man or a woman because the episodes I saw were loaded badly so the voices were either high, squeaky, low or just plain mono. But now I figured out that the voice belongs to Zhang Jie and it is a man! *jackpot* *laughs* I should start buying lottery now!


Well now that I know who Zhang Jie is, I am officially pleased with his singing. *laughs* It is not like he needs my permission or anything but I would like to know his music more. And when I search him, I now know he is China’s famous mandopop singer. I really love his voice… It is very soothing and calm. Looks like I will be checking his songs more now… Until then, I’m going to enjoy My Sunshine and I hope you like this song as much as I do.


What do you think?

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