Wednesday Eu-Mak: Feeling Girly…


Hey, it is the first Wednesday of the month! Are you all excited that we are entering March? I am! I’m particularly looking forward to warmer weather. Warm weather means I get to be girly again… I want to break away from wearing stockings every day! My legs need some fresh air now. And I wanna wear pretty dresses again.

To fit in with the title, I’ve decided to feature four different MVs from four different groups. You know I hardly featured girl groups. I’m biased like that *sticks tongue out* but sometimes, I just have to get back to my root. I’m a girly girl at heart and sassy (not really) on the side. These KPop girls are girly and sassy. Sure, they are wayyyyy younger than I am but being an Asian I have the extra oomph over others.

As you can tell, I usually have this post up by 7am but guess what… Yeah I missed it! You wanna know why? I ended up watching Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo 2 *giggles*. Well, it can’t be helped and she’s all girly anyway… So please accept my apology and enjoy these videos by BESTie, EXID, Girl’s Day, and SISTAR. I love these songs and I hope y’all would love it too! Take care and have a productive week!


What do you think?

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