Breaking News: A Slice of Heaven Coming To You!

resize_Park-Hyung-SikI’m not so much of a ZE:A fans even though I have heard their songs but today, especially today, I want you to focus on one particular member of the group. Park Hyung Sik or famously known as ZE:A Hyung Sik. I first get to know him as an actor. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel introduced me to him. He looks super innocent in there and acted really well. I was impressed but his role on The Heirs was just okay. But all along, I was never exposed to him as a singer. I have never heard him singing before. Today is an opening eyes and ears. This teaser is spanking awesome! He sounded so sweet and humble and his vocal is ahhmazing. He reminded me of SuJu Kyuhyun for some reason. It’s hard to evaluate the music but it sounded so romantic… The video itself looks very romantic. Every single thing he does… From caring the tray with that goodness chocolate sprinkle on top of the toast *slurps* to pouring water to him holding that flower… Every bit of it screams romance. But the song can also shed tears… I don’t know, I need to read the lyrics to understand the feeling.

Tell me what you think after hearing it… I’m actually excited for this ballad. The release date for One Day, Somewhere Anywhere is March 11. Stay tune!


What do you think?

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