Breaking News: Hello and Welcome Back, Jay!


Oh em geeeeeee… Jay is back! I have not been listening to his songs in for awhile. All the songs I have in my playlists are mostly old. It’s time to give his new song a hear. And Zhen Me Le is just appropriate for his comeback after his recent wedding to a beauty New Zealander. Zhen Me Le means what’s going on or what’s up (unless if there’s another meaning to it). The song is not too bad but since I have been exposed to Korean ballad a lot more, I feel that this song needs an extra boost. I’m not sure where though. And I don’t like the quality of the song too, they should have loaded this song at a higher quality so we all get a better hearing.

So who is his duet partner? Cindy Yen was his apprentice, I once heard. Alone, her voice is just a meh… But with Jay, her voice is better. Some singers are like that, but hey I could be wrong. Well, take a listen to Zhen Me Le and let me know what you think.

By the way, I’m glad Jay didn’t role his tongue as much as he used to whenever he sings… And that’s a good thing coz even my hub had a hard time understanding what he mumbled *laughs*


What do you think?

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