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Well, what do you know? I’m on my third raw-watching daily drama again. Of course, it can’t be helped but this drama is currently available fully subbed now on OnDemandKorea. Bel, my daily drama sidekick, started re-watching the episodes with subs but I frankly don’t want to. I know I should but I have this fear of knowing too much. Does that makes sense to you? Ladies of Storm aka Stormy Woman is one cruel and bitter drama. To me, if I go back and re-watch with subs, I think I will be mortified. The more I know, the worse it will get. Instead of doing that, Bel will update me and that’s how I got my scope *giggles*. I started this drama last year and boy oh boy, it really gets me. It is wild! To sum it up, infidelity at its best!

Wait, did I just say that? *giggles* This drama started with infidelity by one of the female leads (Hye Bin) which later turned into something else. That something else is not only as big as cheating their spouses, but also it leads to death! Oh my lordy, things just got wilder and wilder! I don’t even know where to begin with this review but all I’m saying is if you can stomach the hair pulling cruelty between women, the crazy evil eyes, the silent revenge, the back stabbing and of course, the affairs, then uri chingus *nods* you must watch Ladies of Storm. But please, do it right and watch it from the beginning… Unlike someone I know who jump straight to episode 80!!! Yeah Grace, I’m looking at you… *sticks tongue out* *shakes my head*. I don’t blame her though, she jumped right straight to the revenge part. I’m not saying the first 80 episodes were boring but I enjoyed it so much because *shrugs* I love the cruelty! *evil laughs*

Did I scare you with 80 episodes? *giggles* Actually, this is a 120 episodes drama! *wiggles brows*. C’mon, don’t be chicken. It’s only 35 minutes long so really, it’s no biggie. And you really want this show to stay within the 35 minutes mark coz every episode is made for you to emotionally invested in it that any longer than that could send you to ER! As a season daily drama watcher, I know I’m hereby crowning myself that, I can’t handle an hour long of batshit craziness as it will drive me insane! Anyhoo, let’s not focus so much of the quantity but dive down on the quality of this drama. It is more than an OK drama, in my opinion. The acting is pretty solid because most of them are seasoned actors. So there is nothing to complain about the way their act but their characters as a whole. Characters are a completely different stories and let’s get down to it… In my own version, of course. Here is the not-so-complicated chart of their relationship!


See? I told you they aren’t that complicated. The story is pretty simple. Han Jeong Im is a darling housewife to Jang Mu Yeong. She does several side jobs on the side just to help hubby who is the sole bread winner of the family. One day, she found out her husband was having an affair with Do Hye Bin, her frenemy from high school. Do Hye Bin pursued Mu Yeong as he reminded her of her dead lover. When she found out that Jeong Im is Mu Yeong’s husband, she put all her might into breaking off their marriage. Sadly, Jeong Im lost everything to her including her daughter who was pushed down the stairs by Hye Bin’s daughter which eventually led to her death and her mom, a housekeeper in Hye Bin’s household, to a hit-and-run by none other than her darling husband ex. The divorce was not pretty and in my opinion, it was extremely unreasonable. In return of this affairs, Hye Bin offered Mu Yeong a post within her team with great salary and benefits. Mu Yeong thought the divorce is for the best for his career and to support his family and on the back of his mind, he will get back to Jeong Im again and beg for forgiveness. Well, what in the right mind he would think she will take him back? Hell no! *scoff*


Okay, so that sums up the infidelity and it took up a good 30 to 40 episodes but the story moved past the affair. Jeong Im was offered a job at a gallery run by Hye Bin’s mom. Seeing how Jeong Im is still in Hye Bin’s face, she decided to set a trap that could send her away once and for all. With the help of Mi Yeong, Mu Yeong’s sister who happened to work in the gallery too, they placed several piece of expensive arts in Jeong Im’s place and accused her of stealing them. Jeong Im ended up going to jail for this. Poor woman, she lost everything and by the time she was released, her daughter met her death. Now, she plans on taking a revenge but couldn’t figure out the caused of her daughter’s death in the beginning but eventually she slowly found out. Trust me yeoreobun, it is just so cruel and messy.


Right now, I don’t even know what to explain. The revenge is all over the place. She wants to revenge but the way she behaves doesn’t portrayed revenge-y! Urgh, very frustrated! Jeong Im is trapped between Hyeong Wu aka constant bugger who is in love with her and Jun Tae who offered his wealth so she can get her revenge on. Again, I’m just rolling my eyes now. The last episode I saw was episode 89. Jeong Im rejected Jun Tae’s marriage proposal and told Hyeong Wu something similar. Oy *facepalm* If I were her, I would take up Jun Tae’s offer and get my revenge on. Nevertheless, now that I think of it, I rather see Jeong Im be single until the end of the episode. I mean if romance doesn’t work out, so let’s just focus on the revenge part. But the million dollar question now is… WHO IS GOING TO HELP HER OUT???


Despite of what I said, I am still watching it. I’m addicted to Lady of Storm. This is Crazy Love all over but the writer has turned Jeong Im into a coward! Regardless, I’ll finish this show. I really want to know how the writers end this show. At this rate, I can see Hye Bin being the winner since she got whatever she wants mostly and nothing, I mean nothing, sided with Jeong Im. Well, we shall see about that!



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