Currently Watching: Sweden Laundry


I must admit I fall for the title! What a cute name!!! Sweden Laundry! I got so intrigued by it and knew immediately that I must checked it out. And you know I never ready synopsis but this time I did! I can’t help it! Once awhile I think it is okay… *giggles*. Also, what attracts me is the lead girl. She looks familiar but I don’t recall where I’ve seen her. After did a quick research, I finally remembered Song Ha Yoon. She was in Ghost and Reset. I love her face. She has this sweet looking face which I adore! Just like Go Ara!


So I started Sweden Laundry two weeks ago knowing that the series is ending this week. My first impression? It was certainly made cheap – kinda like a C grade drama. Nothing special about it. I rolled my eyes and wondered why did I spontaneously decided to watch this show… Right, love at first title! *slaps head* Well, for the first time I actually felt I made a wrong move! The first episode bored me to death but I decided to continue in hopes that it will picks up. By the time I saw episode 6, I am still bored. This 16 episodes drama is not only made cheap, but it was poorly executed and lame! I can’t believe I said that but it is the truth. MBC had great dramas lately but this one is a major no no. The whole show screams immature and amateur. I don’t know who the writers are but I bet you that they are newbies or not a lot of experience. It felt like I’m watching a high-school made drama! They made seasoned actors look bad! *facepalm* The series has ended and I read such bad reviews by my friends on Facebook and Twitter today. I guess the writers did not give a good ending to the show and/or the OTP.


I love the premise though. Bom owns a laundromat and she does emergency laundry for people. Every episode, she is given a task to solve a mystery that only she can experience it. How are these mystery cases came to her? Just by touching her client’s laundry. The minute she touches it, she will see a series of things that will occur to the owner. Her mission is to help the owner out. It sounded interesting, right? The show itself is very comical and funny, and cute too! At times, I found myself laughing out loud but most of the time, I found myself with a long, bored face. The romance is so so. Nothing I haven’t seen it. Hell, this is not a drama I want to watch. Sadly, I would have to say NO to Sweden Laundry. Please save your 16 hours into watching something else. If you have seen it and think otherwise, please let me know. I am now weighing whether I should stop or continue watching the show… This is how bad it did to me. Sorry Sweden Laundry… We are not meant to be *cries*



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