Just Watched: The Technicians


I can see how the movie producer uses Kim Woo Bin beauty and charm to lure audience. I don’t blame him coz Kim Woo Bin is very pretty to watch. The movie itself, however, is okay. The plot is nothing new to be honest. But frankly, it doesn’t matter and I don’t care much. Tell me which dramas or movies came out with their own unique plots these days… I think we are very comfortable with the existing plots sometimes. Well, *shrugs* maybe not you but I am. The Technicians, also known as The Con Artists, reminded me so much of The Grand Heist and The Thieves. But these two movies involved a group of collaborated thieves whereas The Technicians has three members. Even though the premise gave you a familiar environment, I do love the presentation of this movie. Now, to say Kim Woo Bin was cool, I wouldn’t say that much but he is definitely better than before. He has  a long way to go in my opinion but I can’t say much coz I’m not exposed to his acting as much as Woo Bin fans. However, it is very refreshing to watch him playing a good lead. He certainly look much more mature. And what I like the most about his acting this time is his facial expression. Very casual and calm and… Who would’ve thought he is a professional thief!


So what is The Technicians about? Ji Hyuk is a professional thief and a safe cracker. Koo In is his wingman and main distraction during the ops and Jong Bae as his  best hacker. Together, they work to steal jewelries and artifacts. Their awesome work, notice the sarcasm *laughs*, drew attention of President Cho, a famous mob. Cho has been looking for a professional technician to open a safe containing W10.5 billion. The safe is hidden in the Incheon Customs and he warned Ji Hyuk that that the window of opportunity to crack this safe is very limited. Ji Hyuk smelled trouble from this partnership and told Koo In that they are being used and chances of getting compensated is very slim. Sadly, Jong Bae overheard their conversation and betrayed them by sharing Ji Hyuk’s scheming plan with President Cho. It is too obvious, and of course as expected, one would betrayed another. Or would he? Now the billion won question is would Ji Hyuk really betray Cho or not?


As always, there is always a girl at stake! I frankly think her character is very unnecessary but hey, I get it. They want Ji Hyuk to be the savior. A thief with a heart of gold! *laughs* So the girl, Eun Ha, is now used as bait to lure Ji Hyuk out. Now, I’m not going to tell you how it ended because I really want you to watch it. But I’m sure my smart readers are good at figuring out the ending. And yeoreobun… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! The Technicians gets two thumbs up from me. I love how they executed the movie from the beginning to the end.. fun, entertaining and kickass! Though the plots are typical, the presentation is definitely awesome! Because the movie is so awesome, you wouldn’t feel that it is a 2 hour long! *wiggles brows*. ENJOY!


4 thoughts on “Just Watched: The Technicians

  1. I just reviewed this movie too! Nelly, we are so in sync!! XD

    I’ve seen Woob do much more and much better, but in this case, I’d blame it on opportunity rather than ability.. The role didn’t give him as much chance to showcase his talent, I think 🙂


    • Oh great, I was afraid of all Woobie’s fans but yeah, he was simply modeling all those fancy suits rather than acting. But I do love his hair! Omg if only I could run my fingers all over his…. Hmmmm. I hope Twenty would be better. I want to see his talent just like how he was in School 2013.


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