Wednesday Eu-Mak: All about love…


Am I late for Valentine’s Day? Heh, in my household, everyday is a Valentine’s Day *grins*. Anyway, hello everyone and happy Wednesday! On this lovely day, I decided to have some awesome love ballad to easy your way into the spring… I love spring. Well, I prefer fall but at this point, I’m sick of the cold weather and spring is the perfect time of the year before moving to summer’s heat wave. I really hope we get another mild summer though. Okay, moving on… on this beautiful day, let’s listen to these two beautiful songs.

The first song is by Lee Seung Chul. The song is called My Love. I love the song but I want to direct your attention to the MV instead. It’s funny… the set is a set up for a proposal in marriage! It is that cool! By the end of this MV, I was in tears! They are happiness tears of course! And the song is very moving and cute and so catchy and lovey… Ahh all the goodness in one MV. Good music, good song, good voice, good choreography! Thumbs up from me!

The next song is a new released Indie-jazzy meets ballad by SIMON;e. What a complicated spelling, right? So let’s just go with Simone coz *shrugs* it is Simone if you take the semicolon out. The title of her song is Love. Yeap, love is all around and love is a beautiful thing *smiles*. And you will smile the minute you hear her voice. So calming and relaxing and the song is smooth jazzy with a bit touch of Indie and ballad. I love it. This song made my day and it will make your day brighter as well.

I hope you enjoyed the songs I shared. Have a great Wednesday and the rest of your week!


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