Breaking News: Got Curves?


Ga In new song, Apple, just released today. I have yet to hear her Paradise and I will but first, let’s focus on Apple! Oh my god, now I’m craving for one! *licks* The lyrics is so seductive, sexist and feminine and Ga In made it no biggie… Yeap, and I don’t care either. Also, look how good Ga In is! I love her curves! Now that is gorgeous and she is comfortable in her own skin! Way to go, girl! *claps* The music is so bubbly and dance-induce. I really feel like dancing to this song. Her seductive voice with Jay’s awesome clear and raspy rap gives Apple one lethal combo that is very enticing to your ears. This song screams spring… The color is so vibrant! Urgh… I’m all over the place here! Bottom line is, have you had an Apple today? *wink*

Here, have an Apple… courtesy of me *giggles*


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