Currently Watching: Love and Secret


Rollin’ rollin’ rollin, keep the drama rollin… Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’! *giggles* *laughs hysterically*. Yeap, you betcha, yeoreobun. I’m on a roll once again! But my time is up *cries*. I will be heading out on my first work trip for the year. After gluing myself on my hot seat in the office, I finally said yes to travel and I’m shipping myself to South Asia in two weeks. You know what that means, right? No dramas but work, work, travel, work and work!!! Well, not that I do not mind coz I get to travel. But travel means leaving the boys behind and leaving the dramas behind too. I really hope I can squeeze some dramas in between. Now that I’m thinking of it, I shall download dramas into my hard drive! *light bulbs in head* D’oh, why didn’t I think of that? But I hope I get to live stream from there too!


Anyhow, Love and Secret! *nods* Another daily drama I managed to pocket. It started in November and what do you know, it nearly ends! This 120-episode drama is aired on KBS and is available on KBS World YouTube channel if you decide to watch. The good thing about it is that all the episodes are subbed. Yipppppppppeeeee! You know how I’ve been watching daily dramas raw, right? So it is refreshing to watch it fully subbed. Unfortunately though, Love and Secret is crappy crap crap crap! Unless you enjoy torturing yourself like *coughs*.. me, I don’t think you would want to watch it. No, no… it is not makjang at all. My issue is with the lead female role. Seriously, her character was written to be dumb! *rolling eyes* Oh my goodness, how can she be so dumb and stupid? It is an insult to me as a woman and a mother! These writers are on my death list! After watching Cheongdamdong Scandal, it is hard to accept a stupid and unfortunate role as Areum on Love and Secret. I keep hoping that Areum will explode for the better but she never did!!!! She keeps complying to the ridiculous things even though she knew it is wrong! *facepalm* What a disappointment!


So far, I’ve seen 76 episodes and I have about 44 episodes to go. Sure I nag a lot about it but I still watch it just  because… But I’ve heard many, including Bel, that they either quit or pick and choose the episode they want to watch. *shrugs* yeah, I don’t blame them. And therefore, my advice to you is please consider skipping it. We are in the 21st century and I hate watching a character that is no development whatsoever. Areum never changed since the beginning until now. Will she change later? I don’t know… Maybe. Even if her character does evolve for better, I find it hard to accept that she will. Sigh… What a bad rep, right? Don’t blame me, blame the writers. Very poor development of the character from the start to finish. Urgh… Grossing me out! From now on, I will not watch KBS daily dramas anymore. If I do, please slap me! Should I even share with you what Love and Secret is all about? Nah….. Skip it!!!!


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