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Well, didn’t I tell you that I will be watching a lot more Japanese drama this year? See… I told you so *sticks her tongue out*. I’m loving this resolution of mine and I’m pretty successful at doing this so far… Except for the sageuk drama. Heh, that’s another story and time. Let’s focus on Ouroboros. My love infatuation with Oguri Shun continues. I don’t find him attractive but somehow they way he carries himself, as if I can feel his presence, really intrigues me. And all the while, I saw him as a good hearty man or the man you want to fall in love with. That’s the usual male lead character, right? But in Ouroboros, he is such a badass yakuza! This is the side of him I have never seen before. Sure, I have not seen a lot of his dramas so I’m never exposed to him playing a baddie. But in Ouroboros,  a baddie character that wants to do justice is completely unexpected. Wow! Yes, you heard me. Wow! *thumbs up*


Ouroboros just wrapped up the series like two days ago so now I’m playing catch up. This 10-episode drama unites Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma once again. I have never seen Hana Kimi before (but I have seen the kdrama version) but it would be interesting to see how they were in their younger roles. I’ll definitely add it to my watch list this year. The chemistry between the boys in this drama are quite good although you can sometime feel their tension even though they grew up as an orphan together. So yeah, that’s how they met. Danno (Shun) and Ryu (Toma) grew up in the same orphanage since they were in an elementary school. But as an adult, though they are like brothers, they both have their own separate lives. Danno became a very well-known yakuza. And this how I was surprised to see Shun in such a compelling badazz role. He is good at it! Ryu, on the other hand, went on an opposite path. He is a detective that is also badazz in a quirky way. He looks very rookie and inexperience but very skillful in solving crimes. So what makes these two still in touch together considering their circumstances? Hmmmmm *rubs chin*


They both vowed to find the man with the golden watch. He is somewhere hidden either in yakuza or police world. Right now, we don’t know. But why are they looking for this man? Their caretakers were murdered and their statements to the police weren’t taken very seriously. The case was left cold and eventually unsolved. So Danno and Ryu decided to take the matter in their own hand as adults. They wanted to know who murdered her. In the event of searching the man with the golden watch, they faces many obstacles along the way. Will these obstacles lead them the way to the man with the golden watch? I don’t know and I, sometimes, feel a bit confused too. I don’t know if the cases are related but I sure enjoy the action. Winner!


I’m not quite sure what Ouroboros means even though I’ve heard it several times through the first two episode. *rolling eyes* I should take notes next time I watch… *sigh*. But the symbol looks like eternity and the meaning itself, from Wiki, symbolizes circle of life or some sort that will bring you to a wholeness. Urgh, whatever… I hope you get it. As for the drama itself, the plots are very interesting and intriguing. It is moderately intense but it certainly brings a lot of tension. A good tension, of course! I love Ouroboros. Every episode I saw was intense. Right now, I’m dying to watch the next 5 episodes. I love how fierce Danno and how cool Ryu are, and together they made a very amazing team! I hope they catch the man with the golden watch! Don’t you wanna know too? *wiggles brows* Watch it! This dark justice drama is highly worth your time!

ouroboros-ep02-848x480-x264-mp4_snapshot_22-49_2015-01-25_18-45-49 (1)




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