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*fans self* Okay peeps, I’m warning you in advance. This drama will give you tingles in an unexpected area of your body and more so, your ovaries might explode continuously! And I’m serious!!! I remember at one point, I believe I was in the middle of episode 4, I had to pause it, and changed my shirt! Yeap, Second Love made me feel heaty and hot! And it’s freaking cold here! So please be a little cautious if you choose to watch it. And keep tissues or napkins nearby… No, no! Not to wipe tears but your drools *cackling*!


Second Love was never on my radar but since Bel suggested it, and one of my 2015 drama resolutions is to watch more Japanese drama, I say why not! This drama introduced me to Kame! Wow, what a beautiful man he is! And I’m actually jealous by his beautiful, archy perfect brows and curvy lips. How can a man be this beautiful? *shakes head* Life is unfair. So since this drama is still airing, Bel recommended Tokyo Bandwagon. I saw and loved that drama. Very warm and hearty! I highly suggest you to watch it if you haven’t already. But Kame in Second Love is a completely different person. I’m amazed with his talent. AMAZED! Or maybe I’m easily pleased? *raised brow*


Second Love is a 7-episode drama. This show screams nothing but infidelity since the minute I started watching it. But what I love the most about Japanese dramas is, as I said it over and over, they wasted no time in diving into the agenda of the story. From infidelity, they quickly redirect this drama and tackle several other pressing issues such as romance with an older and younger men, bullying issue at school by students and peers, fear of moving on, etc. Come to think of it, those are heavy stuffs but none of it made me feel depressed or bat shit crazy. A little angst? Yeah. Mostly tolerable…


Because Second Love is quite racy and a bit controversial, I’m surprised that they decided to make this drama shorter than the usual Japanese drama length of 10 to 12 episodes long. I thought Japanese society is open to fornication (you heard me right) drama. I guess not. In one article I read, Kame admits that this is the drama he wouldn’t want his mom to watch. Perhaps the women there are still traditional. But I respect that. And I understand that Second Love is more graphic than reading a racy novel. The way the director envisions the scenes is pretty much on point which makes Second Love a truly guilty pleasure drama for some of us. *laughs* To be honest, even though the plots are quite predictable, I pretend I know nothing. What makes me stay? Why… It’s the shagging part! *rolling on the floor laughing* You’ll understand why I’m laughing if you decide to watch it (hint: episode 5) *wink*


Second Love, in my interpretation, means two different things to two different people. Yui sees it different than Kei. Yui is a 35 year old chemistry teacher in an all-girl school but really, if you take a closer look of her life, her mind is off a 15-year old girl. She’s been living with her mom all her life and get treated like a child. But her mom is so dependable on her that she really did not let Yui mature enough as a woman. Yui provided monetary support since the start of her career and taking care of her mom was the only thing she knows. The only adult thing she does, other than her career, was having an affair with her married co-worker who is much older than her! Kei is a professional dancer but ran out of money to support himself after relocated back from Germany. While hoping to get some good offer, he works as a construction worker. He lives very poorly and spend most of his earnings to pay for the studio so he can practice. So apparently Kei have been noticing Yui and one day, he mustered all his strengths and went to see her. He slipped a note into her hand! He did it so smoothly everyone went gasp! Whoa! That was daring of him! When they met, Kei danced to convince Yui that he’s not joking. I admit *fans self* the man danced beautifully!


So back to what I said before how these two see things differently. She’s looking to him to fill the love void but he is looking for her for more than love, but for moral support. Now the question is what happened when their missing pieces are found? Would they stay together or go separate ways? By episode 5, Yui started to become addicted to the passion she received from Kei whereas Kei feels Yui will never understand what he wants in his life. At this moment, the shagging part is gone *cries* and now replaced by continuous pouts from both. Oy… is this it? Do you think they will eventually come to their senses and go back to where they were? The relationship started out with sex but will they last? Will they work it out? All I can say is… go watch it if you dare. I know this is not cup of tea or Joe for most. It does feel a little rush considering that the show is cut to 7-episode long. But hey, I don’t care… All I can say it Second Love is a great drama about human relationship. If I were you, I would watch it! I mean look at him! RAWRRRRR!


8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Second Love

  1. I still remember fondly the first ep. I think I watched it twice and then a third time to make GIFs. While never been super enamored with Kame, I’ve always enjoyed his dramas. The man is talented as he can be very expressive and also he has done several different types of roles: drama, melos, suspense, and comedy! Yes, the first time I saw him in a comedy even I was surprised. And now we can add a true adult romance! This truly is his first and hopefully he won’t shy away from more in the future. Yeah, his mom would have blushed watching this one!

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  2. I’ve been in a one sided love with Kamenashi since 2008 😛 I’ve watched most of his drama works and ofcourse I’m a fan of KAT-TUN years now. I’ve been so busy I even forgot I wanted to watch this drama and write about it on dramajjang TT TT After reading your review I don’t if my Kame loving self will be alright 😛

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