Song of the Moment: Going Thai

20110808165249Heh, I wish I know who they are. If anyone could tell me who the singer is… I would appreciate it. Yeah, I Google Translate the name and title of the song. I got The Constitution of Solomon. Really? Hmmm…. *rubs chin*. I’m not sure and I need confirmation. And the song is called We Just. This is my first time I actually take my time to listen to Thai songs. I’m sorry I was too biased before… I won’t now, I promise *smiles*. But for now, let’s listen to this song. I can’t say much coz I know nothing of them or of their songs. But the MV is cute and open up the door to how they are. Oy… I sounded too ignorant, don’t I? I’m sorry… Anyway, take a listen… I really love this song! I hope you like it too!


3 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Going Thai

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