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I don’t know why I started Ho Goo’s Love. I don’t even like Uee in the first place…. Ever since I saw her in You’re Beautiful, I developed this dislike feelings immediately towards her. I think her spoiled brat cum meany character in that drama really stuck in my head so deeply that I became so unforgivable of her in any of her works. I dropped Birdie Buddy because of her. I even said no to Ojakgyo Brothers even though I heard so many good things about it. But I started to open up my heart towards her ever since I saw her in Barefoot Friends. She was so cute and innocent yet competitive which I then forgot how mean she was in You’re Beautiful… I still don’t like her as much but the feeling is slowly diminish. *beams*

But yeoreobun, what got me into Ho Goo’s Love is because of Choi Woo Shik! I first saw him in Rooftop Prince and thought he was the most adowaaaaaable creature I’ve ever seen! He was so cute! So, so cute! *shakes fists and screams* His face is like out of this world cuteness! And ever since then, I watch more and more of his dramas. He has been cast as supporting lead for the longest time and when I heard he is the lead as Ho Goo, I knew I can’t let it slide. The premise itself sounded so cute and knowing his style of acting, I knew he would do well as quirky Ho Goo. Sure enough he is as I imagine him to be. And I love it! *whispers Love It 3x*. Heh, do I sound crazy to you? Let it gooooooooo let it gooooooo… *giggles*


This 16-episode drama recently wrapped up on March 31. I have seen all but the two episodes now. I wish I have written this post awhile ago but I can’t help it due to many reasons and mainly because I’m on travel. Thank goodness for the weekend, I now can focus a bit on blogging! And as you can see, the show was too funny for me to blog immediately and this is why I waited this long to even post it. On the surface, Ho Goo’s Love is quirky and funny and cute. But behind this cuteness, there is a deeper dark side that you don’t feel it as much. I wouldn’t say the writer is good at hiding the issues behind the comedy, but it certainly tricks your mind into thinking that it is mainly cute all the way. Well, they got me good… that is for sure. D0 D0 Hee, played by Uee, is a national swimmer but always the second best. But when she suddenly disappear and only to appear back later with a baby led us to believe how brutal SK society is towards single moms. And the fact that the baby daddy is unknown, even though Ho Goo mistakenly thinking that Kang Cheol is the responsible daddy, implies another dark reason. Did she conceive her baby out of mutual feeling or otherwise? Otherwise is a broad definition but the first thing came to mind was… Was she raped? So many questions, so little answers! Another issue these writers tackle was the adoption for Do Do Hee’s baby. I’m telling you I learned a lot from this drama! Once the baby passed a month old, the mother can’t leave the baby out for an adoption anonymously. So the only way she could is through words of mouth… But then the issue of selling baby arise! You see you see you see? These are one of the daily struggles and concerns that we don’t talk about it daily but Ho Goo’s Love really open up my mind!


Wait, wait… There are more issues on the table. The gay issue! Kang Cheol thought he is gay, and this is just a silly misunderstanding but seriously, there could be someone out there having the same dilemma as him! And then there’s Ho Goo and his quirkiness behavior and trying to save the world! Well, not the world per se, but to save Do Hee. He’s trying to do the right thing. But what is the right thing? It means differently from person to person. Ho Goo is certainly naive and frankly, oblivious of his surrounding. He is a webtoon writer and animator so you can imagine everything about him is limited. But he did a wonderful job opening up and pursuing his first love aka Do Hee. The fact that he is okay that she is now a mother really matures him up a bit.


Aaaaah, I think I blabber too much here. Despite all the seriousness I mentioned above, you won’t feel it as much because they made it funny that you or any netizens would not feel the sensitivity of the issues are. Ho Goo’s Love is a pretty light comedy drama. I highly recommend it… I’m loving it myself. Even though there are some silly plots, I don’t even question it as much… I watch it for fun and fun I got! *smiles happily* *happy sigh*


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Ho Goo’s Love

  1. Omo Nelly! Even I’m planning to start Ho goo’s Love as my exams are over now…what a great timing…and yay that you got time for blogging in your current busy schedule 🙂

    I’m so sad that we are not able to meet…I was so looking forward to your trip 😦


    • I’m sorry and sad we couldn’t meet as well. I hope to see you someday in the future ^^ As for Ho Goo’s Love, this show is just adorable and… You’ve read my post. I love it! I’m on the last episode now and I’m sad it is over.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Grace! Why Grace, whyyyyyy? Not many people love Ho Kyung! I don’t understand why… For me, she’s a fresh of breathe air. Her character is so funny and witty and she’s full of sarcasm. She’s completely the opposite of Ho Goo.


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