Currently Watching: Ando Lloyd – A.I Knows Love?


I have not been able to keep up with my Operation KDrama Chat for awhile due to my heavy schedule. Besides, all the dramas they have voted previously I have seen it all. But I finally participated and A.I is the chosen drama. I’m glad they decided on a Japanese drama since I myself wants more Jdrama in life. The theme was dramas by Takeru Kimura from his 20s, 30s and 40s. His 40s won the vote and here we are watching and discussing it every Monday and Thursday.


To be honest, I was really skeptical with this drama. An artificial intelligence aka robot falls in love with a human? Impossible! It doesn’t have any feeling whatsoever. Lady G assured all OKC members including myself that  it’s a very entertaining and engaging drama, and she promised it would not be a disappointing watch. But you know, sometimes one person’s liking may not be another person’s cup of tea. I doubted Lady G but went ahead with it anyway. My conclusion after watching 6 episodes of A.I? Unbelievably awesome!!! She’s right all along and the discussions on OKC page were brilliant.


When I first started watching A.I, my first impression of it was a marriage between Minority Report and Terminator. It was very cool and awesome and somewhat genius in a way. The fighting scenes were great and pack with CGI. But then real life took a toll on me and I missed several episodes. I spent my day yesterday and this wee morning catching up from episode 6 to 8 and I must say… Never watch it when you’re on heavy jet lag dose. I think I need to watch these episodes again. Between half groggy and half awake, A.I demands your full attention. So if you ask me what A.I is all about? Well, it’s not that I can’t explain it, but I am afraid I might mislead you. But no matter, my understanding so far is that Reiji was “dead” and a lookalike Reiji as an artificial intelligence came forward to protect Asahi from being killed. Now who is it that tries to kill her? All the killers came from the future including her protector. Asahi named him Ando Lloyd (sort of Android…). Genius, isn’t it? But one stupid plot which is hard to believe is when Ando’s troubleshooter or aka what my hub said… Japanese men’s ultimate dream girl, Suppli. She’s dressed as a nurse and is there to fix Ando whenever he’s hurt. Suppli installed emotions which I find it too ridic. How can a robot feels? *scratches head*


Like I said, I don’t think I could explain A.I thoroughly… When I thought it was pretty front and forward, I lost myself when the elements of space and time added into it. The concept of Buddhism is used and even though I’m extremely familiar with it, I’m not nerdy enough to understand the concept of wormhole theories. And hence, I would rather keep it to myself. But if you are asking me whether it is worth watching it? Most people would feel intimidated by the theories but to be honest, I am the opposite. I embrace it wholeheartedly. So my friend, if you ask me, this show worth every nanoseconds of my time! But I can’t guarantee it will do for you. This is a risk you must take… Good luck if you wish to watch it!


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