Breaking News: It’s a June Comeback for MBLAQ! 

 If you are an avid MBLAQ fan like me, this is one super exciting, long overdue news that we, A+, have been waiting for! It’s been announced that the now trio will make a comeback in June!!!! *squeeeeeeeee* Can you hear me screaming on top of my lungs? *giggles* I am too happy I could break my bedroom floor from jumping nonstop! Yes, yes, yes! Along with the news, it was said that G.O and Mir took part in producing the album! I’m not surprised at all. This isn’t their first attempt and we can be rest assured that this album will be the bomb! G.O and Mir are powerhouse duo when comes to composing songs. I’m not worried and there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s all goooooood, ya know? *wink

Right now, I’m hoping that there will be no major comeback by other kpop groups this June. I want the world to focus on our MBLAQ boys, and our boys only! Now, what do you think of the theme the boys decided for their comeback? I want them to be strong and show to the rest of the world that they can still rock the house with just three members. Of course, I’m still sadden by Joon’s and Thunder’s departure. It’s not the same anymore… *pouts* But I hope they will continue to give support to their MBLAQ brothers. 

So what do we do now? KEEP CALM & WAIT FOR JUNE COMBLAQ! 


What do you think?

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