Breaking News: Wish I Never Had


The anticipated 4th single song by Sam Ku is here!!! I woke up this morning to Sam’s post on his Facebook page and even though I knew I had very little time to spare, I tossed my towel and took 5 minutes break just to listen to Wish I Never Had. This is not my first time hearing this song. I’ve heard the accoustic version on ChiTown Cloud page and let me tell you something, it was so good I was excited to hear this version. And this version is AWEEESOME!!!

The melody is perfect, Sam’s vocal is pitch perfect, his presence is definitely perfect! This song is just gorgeous! Sam is so under-rated, and so is his buddy Kevin Shin! These two need more publicities. I adore Sam’s voice at this moment. His voice is so crisp and clear it is so mind boggling where did he get this voice from! I’m definitely in love with Sam, his voice, and his all mights and efforts that he puts to produce this album! Another success from Sam and I’m grateful to be his fan! So without delay, take a listen for yet another music masterpiece for your ears! Trust me, they will thank you for that!


What do you think?

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