Song of the Moment: One Day of Love


As you can tell, I’m on a roll with The Princess’ Man and racing to finish it. I’m  in a rush because I need to know the ending. But I can’t help but to blog this song now. In the beginning, I couldn’t focus on any of the songs because I was too absorbed into the story line and just recently this song is getting into me. The singer’s raspy voice is just to die for. I’m a huge fan of Park Wan Kyu’s voice. This is not my first time hearing him and I know for sure, he will continue to lend his voice for OST in future.

One Day of Love is a really powerful and emotional song. Wan Kyu’s raspy and rock-y voice really give depth to the meaning of love. The music is so perfect it left a sweet after taste in my ears. This is what the song did to me: it ripped my heart to pieces and then reassembled it with lots of band aids. Oy, if you get what I mean *shrugs*. The romance between the two OTPs are to die for. *wipes tears* I’m too emotional to blog today… Please enjoy this beautiful song as much as you can. If you feel like crying, just let your tears flow freely… Totally worth every tears.


7 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: One Day of Love

  1. Welcome to the world of TPM fandom! This drama can be rewatched and the same emotions will hold true! Not many dramas hold that distinction for me! Wait..very few! And welcome to PSH fan club! Now you have to watch Family Honor!!!

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  2. Really! Have you become PSH fan Nelly!?

    I’ve read only good things about this show but I think it’s not for me. Sageuk and very long…

    After the whole case of PSH, I thought I won’t be able to watch his dramas (haven’t seen any) but this gives me hope that I can enjoy Prosecutor Princess which is there on my plan list from a very long time.


    • I don’t even think about his scandal. That is his personal life and he did what he did. I watch for the story and his presentation as an actor. If you can bypass that, I’m sure you’ll see him as a character and not as a troubled actor. 🙂

      Don’t let it ruin it. We all have our personal problem but thankfully not shared on personal headlines *phew* 😉

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  3. I think The Princess Man has one of my favourite K-drama soundracks. While I loved the ballads a lot, I think the beautiful instrumental tracks were the ones that really made me love the OST.

    And while I can’t ever rewatch the drama and enjoy it (because I can’t look at PSH the same way ever again), at least I can listen to the OST and be just as impressed by it.


    • I have yet to listen to the entire OST but I heard it is beautiful. I’ve been haunted by Warrior Baek Dong Soo’s OST for the past two years. Extremely powerful and graceful OST in my current music dictionary. Looks like now I have a mission this Monday when I reach my office… To hunt TPM’s OST ^^


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