Fly High…


I apologize for this abrupt post but I really want to document it as a remembrance of this unexpected tragedy. I’m a little shocked and a bit shaken by the news of the passing of my good colleague and friend’s sister. He’s been sharing with me how his sister struggled so much with depression and illness of many kinds. Today, he finally told me that his sister committed suicide on March 25. The news reached to him on April 7 while he was in Colombia and I was in India. We both were on travel for work at the time and he was not ready to let me know immediately. He said that being away and focusing on work helped him grieve for her death.

He wanted to break the news in person but since I left work earlier today, I missed stopping by his office. We spoke over the phone not too long ago. I am completely silenced by it. All I could do was to apologize to him. It is an irony that I spoke of death with my son this morning. Life is too short and I really didn’t expect today is the day to hear it. Depression is real. *tears* So I leave this post with Ailee’s beautiful song called Evening Sky

You will be missed, LP. Fly high, girl. Fly high…


4 thoughts on “Fly High…

  1. Be strong chinguya, my deepest condolences, i just held the postcard you sent me from India to feel a tiny bit closer, i deeply wish she has found peace by now and i hope her brother will remain strong. Your faraway chingu, Kwon. 🙂


  2. Yes. Dealing with a person who suffers from severe depression (there are several levels and mindsets) is not fun! As you don’t know, my oldest daughter is of the severe mindset and dealing with someone that goes from high risk to low is daunting to your spirit. I hope your friend and his family finds some solace in one another and realize that it wasn’t their fault. We are always the first to blame ourselves and not recognizing, what we can do or getting that person help is sometimes beyond our ability. Help has to be accepted, it is really hard to force it on them. Believe me…I know.


    • Thanks, Bel. The family is at the “blaming themselves” stage at the moment. And my colleague needs A to comfort him. A is his godson so he’s been asking for his son now. I’m at lost with words since yesterday. Yeah, you’ve told me about your daughter. If you need anything, I’m a phone call away.


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