Wednesday Eu-Mak: Falling for that OST


Yeoreobun, happy Wednesday! How are you all this week? I hope your day is wonderful! Can you believe we are in May already? *shakes head*. I thought we just celebrated our 2015 new year! This is ridiculous, I can’t believe how crazy the time flies. And omg… I’m aging soon! My birthday is coming up and I’m not ready for it! I know it is just a number but… It is a scary thing to think about it. Now I understand the fear look on my hubby’s face! Yeap, it wasn’t pretty! *laughs*. Speaking of life… This week’s theme for eu-mak post is soundtrack! Life soundtrack that is… *wink*

What are your current favorite OSTs? At the moment, I’m crazily in love with Falling for Innocence OST. I don’t know how to say this but Paradise by Davink is so eclectic and fresh! I’m so in love with the voice too. The singer’s voice is so carefree and the style of music is like electro-indie meets soft rock-ish. It is the kind of music you would expect from FT Island and N.E.L.L. Oh gosh, did I explain it well to you? Take a listen to it… And no, once is not enough! You gotta listen to it several time. But for me, it was love at first beat!

My other favorite OST is from a Chinese drama called Cruel Romance. The title of the song is Yuan (缘), which means Reason. And guess who the singer is? None other than the main actor himself, Huang Xiao Ming! His voice is not too bad, in my opinion, but the song made him sounded even better. His vocal is too low and deep so it is hard to hear him sometimes. Sorry, if you understand Chinese, you would understand what I’m saying… But I love the sound of er-hu in the background, it gives that hollow mysterious sound to this beautiful romantic song. The element of Chinese is never too far, in fact, the whole song gives that elegant ballad Chinese vibes. It is simply beautiful even though I have heard better songs. But oy, I could listen to this over and over again!

I have another OST that I would love to share with you but my time is running out… Oy, real life *air fist*. I hope you like these songs. They are two different genres, two different languages but united by one true love. Enjoy!


What do you think?

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