Stalking: Jung Kyung Ho


Well, it’s been awhile since my last Stalking post… I have been too busy with real life but today, I feel like stalking again. My latest victim? Jung Kyung Ho! Who can’t resist this perfect man? Even my son thinks he is Jung Kyung Ho!!! *hands on cheeks*. My love for Kyung Ho-ssi started with Heartless City. I’m sure I’m not alone, right? *wiggles brows* He was full of swag in that drama! Sexy as hell! I swear every single move he made makes my heart goes dugun dugun… Actually, I was planning to watch his previous drama, Endless Love, but knowing that it is a political drama based, I decided not to bother. Not my cup of tea, you see… But now I found out he was the main lead in Time Between Dog and Wolf, I’m officially motivated to watch this drama more and more. Heh, I’m easily influenced, aren’t I? *giggles*


When he was in Heartless City as Paksa adeul, I found him so irresistibly sexy and awesome. There was something about him that I just couldn’t really put a finger on. He was definitely cool and full of swag. But the way Kyung Ho-ssi carried himself as Paksa adeul though… Very elegant, very manly, very classy, stylish, sophisticated! He was the walking GOD in that drama! He always have the perfect facial expression on his face and his hair was combed sideway perfectly. Aaaah, the perfection of a human being! *bows* God is great. GOD IS GREAT!


Look at him, ladies and gentlemen! He is very ordinary looking, to be honest, but that look though… That eyes. That lips. *slaps face* Get back to your senses, Nelly! Okay, he is not ordinary looking at all… He is definitely handsome!


Well, then… Heh, I can’t resist but posting ONE abs-baring pic for me to ogle! Can you blame me though? *laughs* One beef I have with him is that he is too skinny! The pressure to be thin… *stares at her 3-months fat belly* *sigh*.


Jung Kyung Ho is currently starring in currently jTBC hit drama, Falling for Innocence. I did not fall for his character, Kang MinHo, immediately but over the time, his almost macho-almost psycho, part time suave and part time wicked, witty and naive is so magnetic I can’t help but inching my love for him closer and closer again. Yes, I fall for his character. I’m not sure if I can fall him as a person since really… I never met him before! I’m not delulu, you know *wink* *sticks her tongue out*. Okay, alright… Yes, I am delulu a bit! Happy? But oy, look at that pic! I wish I could pull him out from that ads. He seems lonely, you know? *grins*


Oooh hey, look what I found! Check out this clip! And my son kept screaming Kyung Ho is his doppleganger! Oy *facepalm*. What do I tell this boy? I guess I will just play along… *laughs*

Isn’t it funny??? I know he was just being in his character but I would like to think that is him in real life! Aaah, I like my man to be crazy as Kang Minho!


Okay, okay… Should I stalk him a little more? Here is a short interview clip of him with DramaFever. Look at his crazy ahjumma hair style! Aigoo aigoo…

Uhmm… That was boring though. Let’s spice up a bit here…


Should I turn up the heat a little more with his crazy Gothic look?


Or another level? I’m going nuts now… I promised one and now I got two abs-baring pics! Heh, is it me or is it hot in here?


I’m having a blast here! I hope you are! Have a wonderful Saturday and sweet dream Kyung Ho any day any time!




7 thoughts on “Stalking: Jung Kyung Ho

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  3. Thank you for this Nelly, honestly i didn’t know any drama of his until i chanced upon a teaser of his funny and psycho like charcter as Kang Min Ho in Falling For Innocence.😊 and YaY that i love this guy! I heart this man as Kang Min Ho so much that i am able to stream the drama no matter how hard my current work schedule is! His character is so enigmatic that i need to see and watch the funny scenes at YT yes! Though i’ve seen and finished the episodes i rewatch some scenes over YT focusing only on him and he’s so dang good! Because of this drama i will watch his Heartless City.😉😘😀


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