Breaking News: Guess who turns two?


Yeap…. this blog is officially two years old today! Isn’t it exciting???? I can’t believe I made it this far! I have been blogging a lot previously on my personal blog but finally decided to start one just for my addiction towards watching Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas, and listening to Kpop. I’m simply thrilled how I manage to blog despite my crazy schedule, lifestyle and balancing it all with family and taking care of my household. Believe me, they do get neglected by this addiction. Nevertheless, I would like to thank my husband and kiddo for being so understanding with my needs. I keep telling them I love what I do and if one day I decided to quit, so be it. But until then, I’m going to continue on blogging!

Thanks to all my readers and followers for supporting my crazy writings which aren’t the best in the world but I wrote what I love and love what I wrote… And I’m going to continue to write in this manner *wink*. Here’s to many years of blogging to come! Hwaiting *fist air*


13 thoughts on “Breaking News: Guess who turns two?

  1. Happy anniversary to you and mymyooz! Congrats on keeping your addiction level intact amidst your super busy schedule 😉 Here’s to infinite years of blogging and spazzing with you, Supermommy Nelly ^^v


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