Currently Watching: Falling for Innocence


Somehow, this drama was not in my radar whatsoever. I think I was too busy preparing for my work trip to notice Falling for Innocence. Mtoh, my close drama gal, been squee-ing like mad on our KaTalk room and she told how I must watch it. She takes no for an answer. I don’t know why I kinda hesitant to watch it in the beginning. I was worried that it would be another mediocre drama. I hardly watch jtbc network dramas. I’ve seen Heartless City and a couple more from this network. All of them were not a romance comedy drama. So I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, right?



When I started the first episode, I couldn’t focus at all. I was distracted by my chatty son and was still coping with jet lag. But the minute I started to rewatch again, I knew I was ready for it. Why? I ended up watching the first 8 episodes in 3 days and made it in time with the rest of my chingus to watch the latest episode. And I finished watching episode 13 and 14 on Sunday. So can you tell how this show caught my interest big time? It’s too obvious, right? *wink* See my previous post! *giggles* *blushes* Please don’t judge me, I’m only stalking… *grins*


Falling for Innocence is a story of heart. I mean, literally, the main character, Min Ho, played by Jung Kyung Ho, had a change of heart. Min Ho was a ruthless investor. Even since his dad passed away, his uncle snatched his dad’s company and it turned Min Ho to a one, heartless basturd person. Literally, he was a rude basturd! He reminded me of Joo Won, the character Hyun Bin played in Secret Garden. So anyway… Min Ho attended the company meeting with such a bad attitude he offended everyone in the room. Practically, he is that arrogant chaebol you love to hate. But behind his arrogance, he suffers a heart problem. So obviously, as typical kdrama plot goes, he was admitted to the hospital by his secretary, Soon Jung. But his heart was terminally bad that he could have died that night. Fortunately for him, Soon Jung’s fiancee was admitted to the same hospital and is an organ donor. He died from his injury from a “car accident” and Min Ho received his heart to live. The next thing he knew he became less ruthless and more compassion… Heh, he can’t ditch his old self completely and I kinda dig the mean Min Ho to be honest *giggles* But one thing that got his attention… He saw himself changing for better and also started developing a vision through dreams. So what was those visions for?


Soon Jung was his uncle’s secretary and she is now his secretary. When she found her boss on the floor unconscious, she took him to the hospital immediately. Not knowing that Min Ho received her fiancee’s heart, she resorted herself to work in order to forget her fiancee’s sudden death. However, ever since the surgery, she saw her boss differently and the change of heart in him and that he’s more genuine in what he does. She thinks he is grateful for second chance and is genuinely to make a difference in the company.


So where is the angst? Once you’re on top, there are so many people wants to challenge your position. This exact situation is currently happening with Minho the minute he became the president. One of them is Lee Joon Hee. A son to a security guard and childhood friend for Soon Jung, Joon Hee is determined to steal the post from Minho. He threw dirty tricks to shake and threatened Minho’s position but somehow Minho was able to fight back. Lucky!


Despite all that, there’s one thing Minho could do to bring Joon He down. But he doesn’t have enough weapon to do so until the end of episode 14. It would be very interesting to see how he would use his newfound evidence to keep Joon Hee off of his company for good. Falling for Innocence is a 16-episode drama and this week is the finale. To be honest, I’m not ready for it to end. Minho is a joy to watch and that itself is enough to make me love him more and more. He stay true to his quirky, ruthless and basturd character to the end. I highly suggest you watch it. It’s witty and comedy at the same time! WATCH WATCH WATCH!



10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Falling for Innocence

  1. Thanks for the post! I’m not ready to let FFI go, either *snif, snif* I had an unexpected fun journey and I hate to see it ending. Great acting, a solid story, two catchy songs …a good old rom-com (thank God!). So, what’s not to like? Maybe JJM can cure my withdrawal symptoms next week, who knows…


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  3. I’m really happy when i find someone who has also watched FFI cause i can at least have someone to squee with cause of kang minho! XD and yes, it’s been 2 weeks since it ended but i’m still having some hangover so i hope you’d forgive me i start blabbing here like a crazy president… i mean, fan XD

    I’ve watched it since episode 1 and it caught my attention big time. I’m really glad the story ws tight till the end and i must say the writers are just awesome. Even the lines are quotable at times. Really well thought-of lines i must say. Amazing.

    And the actors were so awesome and natural, esp kyeongho! ♡ now where to find my own minho?! XD


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