Breaking News: JTune released MBLAQ Comeback Teaser Image

Need I say more? These images for the men’s 8th mini album is officially out!!!! My twitter line is packed with retweet and favorited tweets! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the trio before my eyes! Notice that their initials are on the corner of each triangle. Seung Ho has the most complicated one, Mir is perfectly balanced since there are three letters on his and GO is the least complicated one.

I’m GO bias so I can’t help but staring at his softer yet manly gaze. I could hardly breathe when I saw his teaser image. He is perfectly balanced, and utterly handsome! His hair is perfectly combed and his body language showed us he is ready for this comeback! Again, need I say more???


As for Seung Ho, the handsome leader, is forever handsome with his signature hair style. His reflection really matches the title of this album, Mirror. His triangle is the most complicated one of the them all… Perhaps it is because he is the leader? Well, we do know that as a leader, he has the most important duties of them all but I love how he cares of his two maknaes, G.O and Mir.


I must say, Mir is looking good as blonde. I think this black and white image made Mir even more beautiful. This image is totally stands out – guyliner and blonde – perfect combo!


Now, where is that MV trailer, JTune???


What do you think?

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