Currently Watching: Neko Zamurai – Season 1


See, I told you I’ll be watching more Japanese dramas this year. I don’t know why but I’m attracted to Jdrama more than ever. The fact that they can make good dramas any romance element makes me feel more calm, comfy and relief. I’m into romance but it’s good to simply watch dramas on daily life. It is comforting and I could relate theirs with my daily life struggle. Kdramas are catching up with better plots too but their still lacking and sometimes can be unrealistic and dumb… I guess I’m maturing up in my watch. Or maybe I’m PMS-ing today *giggles*


Neko Zamurai is an easy watch. It’s so easy I could finish it in overnight. Each episode is 23 minutes long and before you know it, you’ll be hitting that next episode button. Yeap, this is me at the moment. And I’m afraid I might finish before I’m able to upload this post. This drama is pretty calm, light and easy to watch. And I like the pace of each episode. You won’t feel like you’ve been rushed and the development of the main character is very consistent. They really took the time to peel off his skin little by little and unveil who he is. One thing I desire to see is his smile….. If only he would but he is depressed *pouts* but with a valid reason! *giggles* I can’t tell you now, you just have to watch it.


So, what Neko Zamurai is all about? Madarame-sama is an unemployed samurai. He is penniless and could not afford to buy food nor paying his room rent. He’s been begging for a job post at one of the prestigious home but was turned down numerous time. He used to be a known samurai but his popularity dipped way down for a reason I have yet to know and now no one fears him anymore. One day, on his way home, he was approached by Sakichi. Sakichi explained that his master is possessed by this goblin cat he recently adopted named Tamanojo. Sakichi wants him to take care of this goblin cat! But when Madarame-sama came to finish the goblin cat… It is history! He didn’t kill the cat but instead told Sakichi that he did and handed Tamanojo’s fake urn. Madarame keeps the cat. Their relationship is out of this world cute! He wanted to laugh from this kitty’s cuteness but couldn’t. It is hard to watch a mean looking samurai charmed by this little kitty but believe me, he is charmed alright! *laughs*


Madarame-sama also realized that the kitty is harmless and not a goblin as Sakichi thought he is. But now, he is facing danger because Sakichi’s master really missed Tamanojo and has hired someone to find Tamanojo’s killer. While all that is happeneing, you will get to know Madarame-sama more and more. Often time, you will see him having inner monologues with himself. You will also see him practicing his sword and getting annoyed with this kitty. But no sweat, it is too hilarious to ignore these scenes. Overall, Neko Zamurai is pretty entertaining and just one of the cutest dramas I have seen in years! For under 12 episodes, this easy watch drama is a must watch especially if you are a cat lover like myself *wink*.


12 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Neko Zamurai – Season 1

  1. Gah this season was too funny and I really like seeing the .gifs of tamanojo – the intro for the show is great. Including the song. I was disappointed though with the second season as its ups the zaniness factor considerably. And the movie is a remake and much cheesier so that was a bummer as well…


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