Wednesday Eu-Mak: Good Jive!


Hello, hello, HELLLLLLLLLLLLO!!!! It’s Wednesday! Are y’all ready for some good dance music??? I can’t hear ya!!!! Say it louder! That’s more like it! So remember how I was counting down for SHINee’s comeback? Their 4th album, Odd, was released recently with 11 tracks in total! Wow! I have yet to check it out but I certainly hope all 11 tracks are new – not recycled songs *fingers crossing tightly*. Amuden, the first song released as an MV is called View. Yeap, it certainly a view to me! *laughs*

Isn’t the song catchy and awesome? And it is not what I expected though but still great! I thought it would be 70s or 80s style song but nope, totally not at all. But still….. the song is wow! It makes me wanna get up and dance! So if you’re interested to hear the whole album, take a listen to this…

I am only able to listen to the first three songs due to timing issue… I must say these songs are very contemporary and mature! When they sang “my eyes on you”, I said my ears are for you! *smiles*. I love that they maintain their dance/futuristic/pop/jazzy/r&b/electro genre as they have in the past! I’m totally digging this album. Definitely worth buying it! The boys did it again, y’all!


What do you think?

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