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I'm_Home-p1Ever since I finished Ando Lloyd, I have this Kimura Takuya craving again. I’ve seen lots of his dramas growing up which I couldn’t name any of it now and he was one of my favorite Japanese actors back then. He remains great actor until today. And when I saw on his profile that he is the main lead for I’m Home, without hesitation, I immediately said yes! Also, for the first time in many months, I read the synopsis and really intrigued by the plots. It almost got me curious with the mystery behind the masks. Don’t you?


Aaaah yes, another Japanese drama added to my list as well! *pats shoulder* I’m liking this challenge I put on to myself. I already have a theme for my 2016 drama watch resolution and I’m so excited to unveil it by the end of this year. But now, let’s focus on 2015 and my own success in keeping up with more Japanese dramas in general. Plus, now that I’ll be leaving for Tokyo in 3 days, I think I should pick up some Japanese for survival! So, back to I’m Home… Where do I begin? For a start, 6 episodes have aired and I have yet to watch episode 6. But I will soon! *wiggles brows* TV Asahi have yet to announce, or maybe they did *shrugs*, how many episodes are there for I’m Home but I suspect the typical number – about 11 to 12 episodes long.


The story line seems simple to follow in the beginning and it feels very straight forward. Hisashi was nearly killed on his way home from his site work. The explosion in an energy plant had caused him coma for days and lost his memories of everything, including his family. Hence, the masks on his wife and son on the poster. But as the drama progress, a layer of mystery is unveiled episode by episode by episode. Hisashi was able to go back to work but he was downgraded from the #1 team to the last team in the company . Now, we don’t know how his lives were prior to the accident but it is intriguing that among things given to Hisashi after he was released from the hospital is a set of 10 keys. Hisashi doesn’t remember which doors these keys belong to… But the minute he’s at a door, he somehow knows which key to use. Interesting, right? He remembers some of his past life before his current marriage to Megumi. He discovered that he divorced his first wife 5 years ago to marry his current wife. How? He was in his ex-home doing the house chores (cleaning, cooking and ironing clothes) and his daughter walked in from school and told him about the divorce. *facepalm* Another day, he came to his best friend’s studio only to find out later that he stole Megumi from his bff! Well, that’s awkward! He also found himself one day sleeping in his old apartment which is now belongs to a new owner. Yikes! But one thing I like about Hisashi is that he doesn’t waste any time. He rather address the situation right away or seek out the truth instead of letting it slide. I like this attitude *thumbs up*. As  I’m Home progressing, I’m starting to feel suspicious on two characters. I’m curious to why these ladies are keeping their eyes so tightly on him. My first suspect is Megumi. She’s hiding something and I believe she’s the reason for his divorce. Another person is his colleague in his current (loser) department. She constantly reported Hisashi’s progress to the main boss. Why? *rubs chin* What do these people want from Hisashi?


Initially, I thought that this is a family drama but it turns out to be a one mysterious puzzling drama. I dig mystery drama. So many layers that I have yet to see and I’m certainly looking forward to know what is going on. And I want to know why Hisashi couldn’t see his family’s face. There are a lot going on in this “peaceful” drama. The mood of this drama is so calm that you won’t feel the tension at all. Well, maybe a little… *shrugs*. This drama has a lot of potential and even my Japanese girlfriend, Maki, said the same thing. Well, we shall see! I highly recommend this drama if you are into Nancy Drew kind – but not too deep.



4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: I’m Home

  1. So confused about the characters. I like that we are discovering the secrets and memories with Leji at the same time. It must be 11 ep. He only has 10 keys and he has used a key/ep…I think.


  2. I love his relationship with Subaru even though she’s not his biological daughter! But then again, is his son his biological son? XD The unconditional way he cares about her and the internal struggle she goes on the inside between wanting to see him and not due to his absence for a long time are so powerful! I love Aya Ueto, i really do and i love her here as well, as Aya, because her character is quite cryptic. I really want to find out what hides beneath the mask and how she entered his life. Hisashi is a great soul, or at least he became one, he may had been an a$$ or partially one, or at least that’s the way people depict him and through his memories it leans towards that direction, but was he really THAT a$$? I like the secret feels floating here and there and i think they’re going to be more intense in the future episodes.

    “There are a lot going on in this “peaceful” drama. The mood of this drama is so calm that you won’t feel the tension at all. Well, maybe a little…” These lines are so perfect chingu! I’m Home is my personal drama relaxation, i always watch an episode when i want to find a way out of the reviewcaps! It’s my drama psychologist! XD I will probably write a mini-review after i finish it, as for now, i’m fully enjoying it and… well, taking a few screencaps of Aya :3


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