Wednesday Eu-Mak: Introducing M3LAQ

462731Yeoreobun, annyeong! Sorry for this late posting as I’m still exhausted from my quick getaway to Tokyo last week. What was I doing there? To attend their perfomance and to shake hands with the MBLAQ men, of course! And I did it! I wish I had this opportunity more often prior but hey, I’m not going to dwell much but simply cherish every memories I have with them. I’ve met several K-pop groups in the past but my feelings for them were different. I enjoy their songs and attended their concerts as their not-too-crazy-fan fan. But with MBLAQ’s concert, the feeling was much different. Bittersweet yet happy! Their songs are unconventional and unique yet good, and the group loves exploring new genres and styles of music. To brand them as a k-pop group now is really unfitting and unsuitable as they are moving away from that to more of a jazzy, r&b ballad style music. And hence, they’ve been upgraded from boys to men!

Just to jolt your memory, let’s visit Stay. This song is one of their earlier songs that is branded very kpop! Look at the MV. It was shot in a typical studio set and the music is the upbeat and typical kpop!

And several albums later, MBLAQ came out with This is War. It’s a completely different concept and you can see how they mature up in this vid. You can see the music concept has matured and their talents were enhanced through this song. I believe it is a not an easy song… Correct me if I’m wrong but This is War requires various range of vocal to produce such harmony yet powerful melody!

Today, there are three men leading the group. They just released their 8th mini album yesterday (June 9, 2015) and I’m currently in love with the perfection of this album! It’s just that good! By now, they have completely left kpop genre and definitely in the jazzy and r&b land! I 100% approve of their decision! Here is their latest new hit, Mirror (open with Resurrection), performed by M3LAQ for Show Champion!

The men’s journey is far from over! I’m extremely excited to see them back in radar! I look forward to many more live performances by them! Keep supporting M3LAQ, y’all!


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