Breaking News: G.O Hospitalized?!


Update: Thanks to a good A+ on my twitter, Christina, we finally got the REAL scoop! GO did go to hospital for treatment but was not hospitalized nor collapsed. Now that’s a huge relief! Let’s wish for speedy recover for him now…

Well, we don’t know for sure but I’m sadden by the news when I read it this A.M that G.O is ill. He was hospitalized (still unconfirmed) due to his vocal cord issues. I’m extremely afraid of what would happen next. I heard it was just nodules and it is not as bad as we think. *shrugs* All he needs now is to rest. I hope he will not have to go to surgery to remove them. We all know the consequences – it could damage his vocal cord and ruin his voice. And… let’s not think too far! I really hope he is spared from all this. With his schedule fully booked since Saturday, I really hope he gets plenty of rest. But I can assure you that he will be out and about in no time, especially knowing that JTune doesn’t market them well enough. G.O, Seung Ho and Mir have lots to carry on their shoulder. *cries* Let us all pray for speedy recovery to G.O and gets plenty of rest whenever there is a room for him to do so.


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