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Misaeng-Korean-DramaI avoided this drama like plague last year. The thought that it is a drama of working class people shudders me. I’m so afraid to see how people get treated in real life. I’m very blessed. So very blessed. Throughout my working experience, I have yet to receive bad treatments from bosses and peers. Sure, I came across some odd and bizarre requests and I do get pissed once awhile, but it never prompt me to send my resignation letter for that. If anything, all bosses tear up when I gave them my resignation letter. I’m proud of myself sometimes… A good relationship at work is definitely a must. Even though some of the work I’ve done are either part I’ve learned through my education or something that I like, I always make the best of it. Life is too short and sometimes, being employed is better than is not. I suck it up big time before and it pays off. *giggles* I’m proud of myself.


Well, enough self praising self *rolling eyes* and let’s focus on Misaeng. What should I say about Misaeng? Wow! I actually went back and forth and back and forth figuring it out what exactly I should write for this post. Misaeng made me speechless. I guess I shouldn’t have complain my internship experience now. These kids really went through hell. It is true that some ace and ivy leagues students can be snobbish, but with my experience, I was looked down due to my 3rd tier university background. Oh well, those were the past but Misaeng really reminded me of my past. But I did not go through hell as they did. And nothing prepares them when they enter the real work force. I must say, the minute they entered the real work world life, they must have wish they could remain in the internship world. I was really scared for them. Oh my god, I cringed for them so much! Andwaeeeeeeeeeeee…..!


Misaeng introduced me to Im Shi Wan. I have been a fan of ZE:A songs but never bother to know their members. I actually don’t care. There are too many names to remember, I’ll stick to my favorite groups. But I’m surprised by Shi Wan’s acting skills. It is hard to find a good idol actor and Shi Wan is quite impressive. His face really fits in with his character. I must say PD-nim, good job on casting him *claps*. He conveys the emotions so good I really believe in him wholeheartedly. And it turns out, this is not his first acting gig! Omo! I feel so left out…. *cries*. I will try to watch his other dramas just to see if he was good in his previous dramas as he is in Misaeng. Hehehe, I just want to be miss little investigator *grins* and it is fun!


Well, apparently, Misaeng is a drama based off of manga. Wow, really? This manga must be super serious coz this drama is not a comedy at all. And also, there is a prequel to this drama titled Incomplete Life: Prequel. I think I should watch this too. Anywho, Misaeng follows the life of Jang Geu Rae. They always make fun of Geu Rae coz his name sounds like geurae (really?) but Geu Rae never felt offended by it. I guess he’s used to it. Geu Rae spent most of his life mastering the asian chess but he was advised by his teacher that he may be out of luck if he doesn’t win the next game. Well, we know he didn’t coz he entered the real work force for the first time in his life. He doesn’t have any university degree but to rely on his high school diploma. All the interns were baffled and wondered how did he get a spot in a prestigious company. I wonder that myself. His mom’s connection but how? *rubs chin*. Geu Rae had a hard time adjusting and learning new things and often looked down by his peers and supervisors. But when he made it to the list of top 4 that won seats in the company, he definitely some rookie no one should look down upon now. And for the next episodes, you will see how he learned through experience from his other colleagues and make it to his. I love that he is willing to give it a try in anything… That persevere and determination as he relate it with his experience as a chess student… Wow!


I’m currently on episode 10 out of 20 episodes. Misaeng is not an easy watch. It does portrayed regular life of an employee from every angle and every position. I really love the realistic and dynamic of this drama. It feels good to know that I’m not the only one that go through some hardship at work, although theirs are much harder than mine. If you have not watch it, please do so. It is not an enjoyable drama, but it is a drama you can relate with. But beware, this drama is an eye-bag inducer *giggles*. You may develop one yourself… *winks*


7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Misaeng

  1. I’m really glad you’re watching this. It’s not an easy watch in the sense that it has long episodes and that the situations are always so tense that you can never breathe easily, but at the same time it’s a very well made drama all around and one I never thought I’d grow so invested in (never been a fan of workplace dramas). The cast is pitch perfect and I still miss these characters dearly. I hope you find it interesting to watch, I sure did.


    • Oh my, it’s definitely interesting. It is not an easy watch and I’m nervous on every episode. Ep 12 was super hard to watch. I thought I was about to die, thank goodness the presentation went well. But episode 13 made me laugh so hard with Asst. Manager Kang and Baek Gi in the hot pool in jjimjilbang. This drama is definitely unpredictable. I’m looking forward to finish it.


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