Wednesday Eu-Mak: Neon Nugu ya? – Who Are You?

Who_Are_You-_School_2015-p1Yeoreobun, annyeong! Happy Wednesday! The theme for this week post is Who Are You School 2015. Have you finished it? Well, you know I did *beams* and I’m not going to spoil anything but I approve the ending. But among other thing, I can’t help but noticing how awesome the OST for this drama is. All the songs are quite different and some of the background music is so spot on. I truly think they did a good job in designing the songs to fit in with the drama. Thumbs up to whoever that select these songs. *claps*

So without further do, these are my favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much I am. I certainly going to miss the show especially that I’m on TaeKwang and Eun Bi ship. But again, no spoilers. Cross my heart! *giggles*

Reset. Nice title. And believe me or not, this is my first time hearing Tiger JK. I don’t know why I never listen to him before but most likely is because I wasn’t interested. But this song is awesome. I especially love the “I wanna reset, I wanna reset, I wanna reset.” Nice collab but the female voice is good. She reminded me of this British singer that I can’t remember now. Total black out *shakes head*. Anyway, enjoy Reset!

Well, according to Google translate *shrugs*, the title is called Blowing in the Wind. Okay, I am going to believe that. I love this song. It is sweet and relax and I love the whistle part. So chill.

The next song is called I’ll Listen To What You Say. The title is appropriate. The drama is all about listening. Without it, you won’t know the truth. Yoon Mi Rae’s song is so sweet. And I love the sound of this song, so soft and gentle.

My final favorite is a song sang by Jonghyun and Taemin. The song is called Your Name. I love this song the most. It screams OST so much! It gives that happy ending feeling which can be dreamy and hopeful. Neomu joa! And it is a great song for those TaeKwang/Eun Bi shipper like me! *smiles*

I hope you like what I have for today. I know it is not kpop but I can’t help but sharing my favorite songs from this drama! *peace sign*


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