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I was on my way to the Philippines when I first met Sato Takeru. No, not in person *sticks her tongue out*. That’s just silly although it would have been nice had he accompany me on that beluga plane! Hehehe it was A-380 but I prefer calling that mumbo jumbo jet a beluga. Doesn’t it looks like one? Anywho, I saw Rurouni Kenshin for the first time and it was love at first sight! Throughout my flight from LA to Seoul, I spent 85% of my time watching this movie over and over again. Well, who needs sleep anyway! Yeap, it was such a mind blowing movie and I was totally moved by this actor! *grins*


Later on, I was introduced to his semi bio special drama/documentary, Saigo no Kizuna: Okinawa Hikisakareta Kyodai, where he acted as a WWII soldier from Okinawa. It was a life change game for me again. The movie itself touched the very sensitive issue to me and my husband (It’s a long story!) but Sato again stole my heart. His acting was so believable. I was moved by him. My god, how can a young actor be this incredible? And now, I’m watching him again as Tokuzo Akiyama. *claps* Sato Takeru really takes himself very serious. His career move from some silly characters he have had in his early acting career to a very mature and progressive roles, he has elevated himself to almost front line of respective actors in Japan. Good job, Sato! I look forward for his next movies and dramas.


Bel told me Tenno No Ryoriban is waiting for me. Without any hesitation, I started this drama with zero expectation. As always. *wink* The first episode left me annoyed. Tokuzo is such a spoiled brat. As the youngest in the family, he really took advantage of his parents and position in the family. Tokuzo moved on quickly with his life. He constantly looking for the most suitable career for himself and he ends up quitting after 3 months. Nothing really sticks with him, unfortunately. Worried that their son will continue humiliating the family even further, they decided to marry him off! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking too. Bad idea! Would marriage calms and settles Tokuzo down? His family married him off to Toshiko. Tokuzo mistaken Toshiko for someone else and was disappointed with the chosen wife. Toshiko though fell in love with him and wanted this marriage to work out great. Toshiko’s family has high hope on Tokuzo as well, hoping that he would take over the family businesses since they have no son to inherit. He was great in the beginning. He was assigned a routine and did it with no hesitations. Well, I guess he had no choice. Sadly, one day, Tokuzo sidetracked again. On one of the deliveries he was assigned to, he met up with a French-trained chef. Tokuzo was given a taste and he fell for the art of cooking immediately. From then on, he decided that he wanted to be a chef. But his newfound dream really destroyed his marriage with Toshiko. Would this marriage last? And would Tokuzo successfully be a chef or just another… useless dream of his?

Tenno no Ryoriban screen-2

This currently airing 11-episode drama (8 episodes aired so far) is really, really fabulous. Never in my lifetime that I actually took time and investigated the real Tokuzo Akiyama. Yeap, I did. And this drama shows great development of Tokuzo’s character. You can watch how childish he was in the beginning and how he became mature and responsible as he aged. This is truly a great drama to watch. I love it! Everyone should watch it!



9 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Tenno No Ryoriban

  1. I agree!! Well put together drama! I always end up researching the real person when I watch Japanese dramas based on real people. I’ve learned so much in my research which for this man, it is very hard to find. Glad you liked it. I enjoyed enabling your JDrama watching!! Now onto Wakamono Tachi and Flowers of Algernon!!


  2. This drama sounds like a good one! I’ve added it to my list. I look forward to seeing your final review once you finish the show. I’ve been branching out to some J-Dramas too. I just finished Kyo wa Kaisha Yamimasu (I may have spelled that incorrectly), and it was so good!


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