Just Watched: Prince’s Prince


Oh wow, I don’t know what to say with this web drama. In the beginning, I hated it. The story is just so ridiculous and it was quite messy and all over the place. The acting is not so bad. I was yawning so badly by the end of episode 3. I tweeted my frustration and disappointment over it. I even vowed to drop it. I told myself why am I dropping another drama again? It is very painful to do it so I left it at there…


Days later, I realized Prince’s Prince is still on my currently watch list on MyDramaList. I was bored at the time and have nothing much to watch. Can you believe that? Yeap, there was nothing interesting to watch at the time! So I thought, why not give this web drama another chance? It’s only 9 minutes max per episode anyway… And I did. I watched it again. I completed the series in an under an hour. This is how I felt: from “oh yeah why not” to “hmmm, this is quite interesting” to “omg I can’t believe I’m laughing” to “did he just hug him in the middle of the street” to “that is so gay!!!!” to “hey, how is it over already? I need more of this!”  Yes, you read it correct. I was extremely invested in Prince’s Prince and I wanted more! And now I’m hoping there will be season 2.

Prince’s Prince is a cute, funny web drama that started as very boring but the pace picks up after episode 3. I’m surprised by the level of acting by FT Island Jong Hoon. This is his first acting gig. I actually had no faith in him as an actor *ducks from Jong Hoon’s fangirls*! I laughed at him in the beginning but then it makes sense. I understood the reason he acted the way he is as Park Shi Hyun. He had too! Shi Hyun decided to join a game developer company just to save his sister. Isn’t it cute though? But not too fast! She is too engrossed with computer game. She can’t depart from her game that she actually thinks she is living in her imaginary gaming world. Can we blame her though? *laughs*


Anyway, the goal is to get Yuna back to earth – to the reality she should be living in. But will Shi Hyun succeed in getting her back? Stand in his way is his rival Mong Ryong, an employee in the game developer company.  Of course, as a game developer, he doesn’t want her to leave that imaginary world. I mean, she’s playing his game! So it makes sense now… The whole show is a tug of war between Shi Hyun and Mong Ryong. So who will win this?

I thoroughly enjoyed this web drama. It is not the greatest drama but *shrugs* I have nothing to lose. So please, writer-nim. Please give us a second season!!!


2 thoughts on “Just Watched: Prince’s Prince

  1. Please, I beg you, if you understood this, please explain it to me. I don’t get one bit of the last scenes. I cannot not know what just happened. They just dropped so many hints in the last episodes and i am very confused. Help me, please. It was so funny and then it ended like suspense or something. Did Mong Ryong really really kill a person, his noona? Are Shi Hyeon and Yoo Na really brothers ans sisters biologically? Who was that in the album in the orphanage? Who was the girl in the car? Why did she hit Yoo Na? Is the story bl? Who are the couples? Is it really Mong Ryong and Shi Hyeon? Or that one guy’s theory that i just read from a comment that its Yoo na and Shi Hyeon? It’s so messed up. HELP!


    • I completely forgot what was it about. I remember it being messy and the story left too many loopholes. I know the story demands another season. Have you looked at the webtoon? It should answer all your curious questions 🙂


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