Wednesday Eu-Mak: Breezy Summer


Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are in good spirit today. I’m in the state of shock and depressed at the moment… My beautiful kitty was diagnosed with cancer on Saturday. I never seen this coming my way as she just turned 9 years old but I guess death is certain. Cancer is rare in cats but it has taken lots of cats’ lives. My kitty was given 48 hours to live but she was able to stay around for 96 hours. Yes, my beautiful daughter, Debbie, passed away last night. I was with her til the end. It felt good to know that she is in a better place.  

 Anyway, I have two feel good songs for this post and I hope you like them. The first song is by McKay and it is called Month of June. We are closer to the end of the month and I thought let’s enjoy this month as much as possible. This is a feel good song that is so appropriate for summer.And I adore McKay’s voice. So casual and smooth. Take it away, McKay-ssi!

Wasn’t that song pleasantly good? Wait til you hear the next song I have lined up for you. The next one is called Coffee & Tea. *giggles* I love the title! This song is a duet between Eddy Kim and rookie vocal Mamamoo’s Solar. What a sweet, sweet song, isn’t it? Their voices are so velvetty good, they could melt me in no time! Please enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by… Life must go on for me and Debbie will be missed. Have a great day, yeoreobun!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Breezy Summer

  1. Sry for your loss. She is def in a good place now. By the way love Coffee and Tea..was listening to it over the like download. Hehe. Take your time to remember Debbie, bit come back soon to kland….have a lovely day!!!


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