Currently Watching: Que Sera, Sera


Whatever will be, will be… Yeah, whatever. I’ve been putting this drama on hold for the looooooooongest time! I don’t know why. There are many factors that cause this delay. First, I’m not a fan of Eric. He is just a meh. Second, it is the title. It sounds so cheesy to my ears. Third, I don’t like Yoon Ji Hye. She’s not attractive to my eyes. Hmmmmm, I sounded very picky and personal, right? Sorry, I can’t help it. This is just who I am. If the poster is not a picture perfect to my sight, I won’t be watching it. But sigh… I finally decided to watch it because I’m in this depression state and I thought a melodrama would heal me. I’ve heard many mixed reviews on Que Sera, Sera. But  *shrugs* that does not stop me from watching it. It is time to put my bias opinion aside and witness it myself…Aja!


This drama was aired in 2007. So if you decided to watch this drama, it will feel old and everything you see (fashion, technology and style) are old-fashioned. But really, it gives some sweet memories especially with the flip phones. The hairstyles weren’t bad at all; in fact, they all looked pretty classy and they could go well with today’s world. And for all I know, their acting is quite professional and way better than some of the actors today. But the plots are typical of kdrama style. If you decide to watch Que Sera, Sera, you would recognize some of the typical scenes… To purposely kiss another person to make their love one jealous, to pull the car to the side of the street unexpectedly, to ask the person leave the car in the middle of nowhere, OR to act cold to the person you love *giggles*. See? Nothing we haven’t seen it before, right?


So what is so special with Que Sera, Sera? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve watched too many angst-like daily dramas and melos to feel angsty with this one. I guess I’m extremely immune to melodrama. Or perhaps I’m too depressed to feel angry and frustrated. Overall, I like it. If I was asked to describe Que Sera, Sera in one word, I would say it is very toxic! Yeah, the relationships are so toxic that I just can see where they will take me too. Wait, can I add another? *laughs* It is also very twisted! It’s been awhile since I saw such dramas like this… I believe the last drama with similar twisty plot but not necessarily the same was Thorn Birds. Thorn Birds drove me up to the wall! Urgh… Never, again!


Anywho, Que Sera, Sera is a drama full of dramas! This show is about taking advantage of one’s wealth to get another person jealous by involving a third party into his/her own game. Does it sound complicated? Easy, it is a jealousy drama that led to a triangle love. Wait, make that times two! Madness and twisted, I tell you! *shakes my head* But I love it, regardless! They keep pressing my button with crazy conversations that if I could get into my screen and slap them, I would! I want to slap Kang Tae Joo mostly; he keeps pressing the button just to show how superior he is against Eun Soo, Hye Lin and Joon Hyuk. This love and hate relationship that started cold remain cold throughout the series. I blame Tae Joo for this misery. He is a player that loves to date rich women. But now that he is officially used by Hye Lin to get back to Joon Hyuk, who is actually her oppa (adopted) that she madly in love with, Tae Joo finally realized how miserable he is. A player that, once, used to get what he wants now is finally in love but with a girl that he once despised and realized money does nothing to him now. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Can we tame this money beast?


I’m currently watching episode 11 out of 17 episodes all together. I’m curious where Que Sera, Sera will take me on this dark romance drama. Will it have a happy or crazy ending? Will all OTPs ended up dead? Who knows, right? Bahhhhhhh… I just want to know how the ending will be. If you can stomach this love/hate drama, give it a watch. It is peculiar and really get your heart boiling, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. Plus, this drama has great OST! Take a listen to Moonlight, one of my favorite songs from this drama *wink* 


16 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Que Sera, Sera

  1. This drama is so different. Dark, sexy, full of flawed characters…I really liked it a lot. I also like that it has that older dramas feel, which is not visible in present shows. And Eric is HOT!


  2. I’ve been eying this drama for awhile too but the description and cast never really grabbed me. Plus I’m always hesitant to watch melodrama, I almost always steer away. I like my happy endings! But after reading this excellent post I must admit I’m way more intrigued by this drama than I was before. I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts!


  3. I was reading somewhere that the drama is kinda like dark comedy so i watched ep 1….an ep in the middle and the ending and lots of OST and OTP videos on youtube….i did not laugh, not once. It is dark alright. I am Eric’s fan…but maybe one day when i have the guts to watch a melodrama, this might be my first pick. Thanks for the oldies throwback. 😊😊


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