Just Watched: Dragon Blade


My hub and I were excited when Bel told us that Dragon Blade is waiting for us on Plex. This movie was never on my radar and when hub read the synopsis, he told me that he have heard of it and was also curious what it is all about. He then told me about the history of the Roman and the long, long time ago relationship with the Chinese. It was hard to believe that they were once communicated in good terms. I mean, think about it, how can these two giant kingdoms set aside their pride and bonded? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either but I couldn’t care less now… It’s history and I’m not that into it.


Anyway, we saw the movie. There were lots of actions going on. If you are watching it for SiWon, well… He had impressive scenes but the awesome one only lasted few minutes. That was a boooooooo from me. If you are watching it for Vanness, other than me gushing over how perfect his English is (although he is expected to have one since he is an American!), that’s about it. He was in the first and last scene of the movie. No action whatsoever from Vanness… Another boooooooo from me. But if you are here for Jackie Chan, you will be entertained! Jackie pretty much brought in his funny and cute style of acting and his martial arts to the table. I extremely enjoyed it, it’s been awhile since I saw his drunken master style of fight.


The history in Dragon Blade is partially true, partially fiction. I consulted with hub and he said that “whereas it is very entertaining and partially true, I wouldn’t recommend you believe in everything. Some of the scenes just don’t make sense.” Hmmmm, if the master of history said so. But he admits that this is a part of Chinese history that never gets explored before so he is happy that the writer is bringing in to the theater. As for me, Dragon Blade is a pure entertaining and mindless movie to watch. I needed something mindless and I got one. Easy as that.


Dragon Blade told a story of two different kingdoms facing their usual dilemma. Huo An is the guard and protector for the western gate during the Han dynasty. But clearly, there’s always jealousy coming on and he was framed and ended up being a slave. Huo An met Lucious. Lucious is on his way to the east to save the chosen emperor from being killed by his own brother, Tiberius. The two heroes bonded and they unite to fight against Tiberius who is on his way to claim the Silk Road. He was defeated as the Persian, Chinese, Mongols (I think that’s who they are) and several other kingdoms joined to stop him.


Overall, I like it. Nothing fancy and it did not give a huge impression on me. It is epic though and the sets look very believable. They did a fabulous job on the costume as well. But it certainly a movie that I would watch once and that’s that. *shrugs* Nothing much to rave now…



6 thoughts on “Just Watched: Dragon Blade

  1. As I am a BIG John Cusack fan, he was AWESOME! And Adrien Brody as the sadistic Tiberius? What a great job he did! Okay, I also warned everyone about the lack of Si Won/Vanness scenes. So, watcher beware. If you are watching for either of them alone; FUGETABIT!!


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