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I’m starting to think I’m neglecting Korean dramas more and more this year. *sigh* This is my… I don’t even know *shrugs* I lost count how many Japanese dramas I’ve watched this year. And for all I know, I’m falling for Japanese dramas more and more. They are shorter in episodes and packed with stories. And the best of all, very few fillers. *thumbs up* My time is precious and Japanese writers know how to maximize their viewers’ and my time! nyway, I’m excited that I’m adding another Japanese drama to my Currently Watching review… It’s always feels good to blog it. A good stress and depress reliever *beams*


So my new victim is called Flowers for Algernon. I’ve seen this on Bel‘s Plex for awhile but never bothered to ask her. She told me that I should watch it and so here I am. As I am typing now, I just started the first episode. Well, instead of writing in mid-way, I thought I should start my review early. This is a 10-episode drama and I’m afraid that I might zip through the entire series without able to blog it. 10 episodes means 10 hours and I can easily complete the series in a day! Just a quick recap for now, the main lead is cute! So, so cute but there is something wrong with him. He is not himself. Hmmmm *rubs chin*. The female lead reminded me of Kim Ji Won! Maybe I should put my glasses on *giggles*. Oh wait, I also see a rat! So this drama must have something to do with lab rats! Experiment! Okay, this is interesting! So I will be back after 5 episodes and see if I can tie up all these characters together…


Well… 8 episodes later. Didn’t I tell you I will blog after episode 5? Shhheeeesh, you can’t trust me now. So okay, here is the deal with Flowers for Algernon. Sakuto has an undeveloped brain and hence, he is stuck with a 6 year old mentality and also slow in progress. His mom left him because she couldn’t bare standing a stupid son whereas his dad died from his illness. This left Sakuto on his own at 16 and he was taken in by a florist company. They took him in even though knowing his condition. I think that is nice of them to do so. Sakuto was given easy tasks since he is considered mentally challenged. One day, he was assigned to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Haruka’s apartment. Haruka is a research scientist working on understanding and programming a brain. She misunderstood Sakuto for his weird behavior but eventually came to realize that he is special. She convinced her boss, Daigo, that it is time to apply their studies onto human and Sakuto is the perfect lab rat for their research. Under careful brain surgery, Sakuto is transformed slowly to a normal adult brain. But since his brain is developing and learning rapidly, the way his brain digesting every information is more analytical and deeper than ours. To me, he is shaped as a robot and the human emotions came once a human explains what they are to him. Yeah, this is the sad part of the story. And Daigo offered himself to be Sakuto’s sensei which in sense that he has the right to program Sakuto to whatever he wants! Whoa! Is that good or evil?


Well, though it sounds very nerdy and technical but I can assure you that Flowers for Algernon is pretty interesting to watch. I’m not really counting on the romance even though it existed. Clearly, as Sakuto developing into a normal being, he is falling for Haruka but had his heart broken when he saw Daigo kissing her. I was devastated to see him getting his heart broken. But how do you think he reacted to the kiss? Is he determined to get her back? Will he move on since his feeling is not entirely developed… I don’t know. I gotta watch it. I have two more episodes and feeling really antsy right now. Sakuto had a vision of his late dad and from the preview for the next episode, he started to see his dad more and more. I believe this is a sign of brain failure. I’m afraid of what is coming next yet I’m still curious. Perhaps love could cure it all! Who knows *shrugs*. If you are as curious as I am, watch it. It is refreshing to see another sci-fi kinda drama after Ando Lloyd.  If you have read the book, which is of the same title, I’m sure you know this will end. Now Bel… when can we get the next two episodes? *giggles* No pressure, girl! No pressure whatsoever but hurrrrrrrrry! I want a happy ending for Sakuto! He deserves one! *cries*



6 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Flowers for Algernon

  1. Totally agree with neglecting Kdramas this season, other than Kill Me, Heal Me and my new obsession with Mask I’ve literally cut off ties with Kdramas. Mostly watching Jdramas (new obsession Mother Games and Sacred Monster) and random Cdramas. But I guess I have to add this drama to my list now)


  2. Same here as well, every time I start a Kdrama I end up putting it on hold because it just don’t keep me interested. So happy that at least Jdoramas are keeping me company ^^

    About Flowers for Algernon, actually the story is based on an old novel and I believe it has been adapted many times (even here in my country they did) so while I know the whole story despite me not being a big fan of the acting here (except for some emotional scenes) but still it keeps me wanting to continue watching which is surely a good sign 🙂


  3. I haven’t watched a J-drama in ages. Ages. Last one was Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo season 2 but I kinda dropped that.

    However, this one does sound really interesting. I tried not to read your post too much (spoilers :D) in case I do decide to watch it. I haven’t read the book it’s based on but I found the plot synopsis to be compelling. And it’s got Yamapi! I also know Chiaki Kuriyama from Kill Bill as the psychotic Gogo.


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