Breaking News: Playful Kiss Thai


Stop the press!!!! Let’s scream together!!! Kyaaaaaaa! I’m a huge Playful Kiss series and I have seen all versions! Yeah, some were meh and some kept my heart fluttered. But now that the trailer for the Thai version is out, I’m more excited than ever! I’m not a huge lakhorn fan but hey, I will watch this for Aom and Mike! I can’t wait to watch it! Now I feel like watching Full House Thai again…. Squeeeeeeeeeee!


20 thoughts on “Breaking News: Playful Kiss Thai

  1. I saw some pictures on tumblr and I just tho Mike got a new drama but wow wasn’t expecting to be a remake. Hope someone will sub it, seeing the actors I’m totally sold to this drama XD


  2. Why this hair Mike….he is so hot but the hair color *sobs*

    anyway….this is funny that they played husband and wife and now they are playing high school students…haha

    Love them ♥


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