Wednesday Eu-Mak: Queen of KPop!


Happy Wednesday! I’m back for another Eu-Mak post and this time, I’m focusing on BoA. Hmmmm where do I begin? In the beginning, I thought she’s Japanese coz that was how I got to know her… Through Japanese songs! She and Utada were my favorite Japanese singers back then. Well, they still are!  Hmmmm maybe I can feature Utada on another post… *smile*. This multilingual singer had an early start. She was picked by SM Entertainment scout and her career took off since her debut. A 1986-er born, she has albums ranging from Japanese to Korean to English!


The latest album, Kiss My Lips, is her 8th album. Nope, not mini but a real album! I haven’t listen the entire album but I heard these two songs yesterday afternoon and I’m sold! Love the vibe, love the energy and really, it is kinda sexy mature side of her. Her vocal is lovely as always. Wow, just thinking of her voice gives me this chill. It’s soft yet strong, and it has power. See, it is hard to describe it. You just hafta give it a hear…

The first song I picked is called Who Are You. This beautiful song has a balance of pop and ballad. The beat is hip and energetic you really can’t help but bopping your head and dancing to it. This style of song really gives the feel-good feelin’ and I’m loving every beat of it. The vid is a bit cheesy but hey, at least it is not the typical SM vids which mostly shot in studios. And it doesn’t hurt that EXO Luhan is featured here… Way to go to draw people to watch vid, SM! Smart move! Anywho, enough ranting but just simply enjoy the song, yeoreobun! *wink*

The next song is another upbeat song but the mood is different than Who Are You. It is called Kiss My Lips. In here, the song has this seductive and sensual vibe to it. Well, the title speaks volume, right? And the song is not only pop-ish, it is a bit R&B-ish too.The vid, even though was shot in studio, is quite awesome. I love, love, it and BoA with red lipsticks? Whoa, I sure wanna kiss her lips! *smooches*

Yeap, the queen of kpop is back and she is back stronger than ever. BoA is definitely in her own league, no one can top her. Her voice is awesome, her image is fresh and beautiful and she is simply classy. I really am happy that she’s back and looking forward what’s coming up in her agenda. I hope you enjoy her songs too! Have a great day!



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