Wednesday Eu-Mak: On Hiatus Again…


Hello, yeoreobun! It’s Wednesday and it’s my final eu-mak post for this month. I’m leaving for a month-long trip (work and vacation) and this blog will get neglected again. *cries* I promise myself that I will try to blog on dramas that I did not get to blog. But the good news with going on hiatus again is that… I get to meet some Malaysian bloggers and tweeter friends! Yay! We are still sorting out the perfect date to meet up. I can’t wait! Really! *jumps with joy*

So being that my mind is no longer here, I have selected random songs for today’s post! Yes, again! *rubs hands* Sorry, I’m too excited to leave and my mind is occupied with last minute work. I really hope you enjoy some seductive voices by these men… Adios and see y’all later! And for all my Muslim readers, Eid Mubarak al-Kareem!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: On Hiatus Again…

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