Breaking News: Sweet Girl


Guess who’s back? Back again? B1A4 is baccccccckkkk! Yeap, these boys are making a comeback and they released a pre-listening album on YouTube on July 31st. Yes, I’m a little late as you all know… I am on hiatus but my fingers have been itching to blog. I miss blogging and what better way to break my silence with this great news! Now, I’m not really an expert on B1A4 but I just want to blog Sweet Girl. I like the songs but they sounded so typical. Typical as in… “Yeah, I like it but I think I’ve heard better.” But then again, I’m basing my judgement on snippets of songs from their album. I need to hear all these songs in full. I hope they prove me wrong. Their other songs were great and I hope they don’t disappoint me and their fans.


Their concept is very earthy. I like it. Perhaps we are in the summer time and that’s why they look very romantic on the first and casual and relax on the second photo. I guess it is another summer romance, eh? Amuden, let’s wait for the album to come out… Which is soon. Perhaps in a week time? Well, let’s wait! Let me know what you think of Sweet Girl… I’m curious if your reaction is as same as mine.


What do you think?

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