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You have no idea how much I have been begging, not literally of course, for Lee Joon Ki to do another sageuk drama! Except for the what-the-hell ending, I really enjoyed him as Sato in Arang and the Magistrate. He made my heart fluttered so much in that drama. He is definitely great as a period man and in hanbok. Wow, don’t get me started with him in hanbok! *blushes* His charm is unbelievably charismatic. The man made my knees shaking… Okay, okay… the man made all women gushing over his dashing look! Yeoreobun, by adding Scholar Who Walks the Night into my watch list, this drama is now my fourth sageuk this year. I know I’m a little behind with my resolution schedule but I think I can still make it by December 31. I have 3 sageuk dramas to add after this and I sort of have dramas in mind now. I’m excited to watch them all, hopefully they won’t bore me to death! *shifty eyes*


The Scholar is based on manhwa. You know I don’t read manhwa so I wouldn’t know how closely this drama is to the original storyline. But what I love about this sageuk is the element of vampire. I’m not into vampire dramas much. I find most vampy dramas are overly romanticize by PDs. I mean, who doesn’t want to be bitten by a godly, dashing, forever young vampy, right? Believe me, if I could surrender my neck to Lee Joon Ki’s character, Kim Sung Yeol, I would! *nods madly* So although I love the concept of vampy in sageuk, I sort of dislike the writing of this drama. I’m not sure if you notice it as much as I did, but the story keeps going around and around in the loop! If not because of oppa, I would have give up on it! Seriously, this writer has issues… She could have make the story richer but nope, she just want us to watch oppa going back and forth like a mad man! *sigh* I’m sad that we are going through this again and hence, dragging us like mad all the way to episode 20. Puhleeeeez, do something more creative and dramatic! *stomps her feet*


Why am I still watching it? This drama has potential, I can see the plots get thicken soon. But so far, nada. She got us excited with some romance and that’s about it. *shakes head* Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash it but I’m trying to explain that we could have gotten somewhere at episode 10. Oh well, this is her style and I’m going to respect it. But the last episode I saw, episode 10 that is, got me excited. The bath scene was… Drool worthy! Eeermagerd! I must say that the chemistry between Eun Bi and Joon Ki as the OTP is weak but I’m very forgiving considering of how big of an age gap the two are! Eun Bi as Yang Seon is pretty cute and slick. I really like her when she cross-dressed as a boy but as her true self (girl), she is somewhat melo and sensitive. I can see how she is much stronger and confident as a boy. She reminded me of Yoon Hee/Shik, a character played by Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Okay, to summarize the Scholar in few words, it can be difficult. There are several characters that cross path but they don’t confuse you much, unless if you don’t follow it thoroughly. I will try to sum it up up to episode 10. 200 years back, Sung Yeol was a good friend to the Crown Prince (CP) Jung Hyun. CP wrote books under pen name Lustful Students. At the time, his dad was under the power of Gwi, a vampire that resides in the palace and literally have his hands on the King’s neck. CP refused to bow to Gwi and it has caused his life. Sung Yeol defended but lost his battle to Gwi. Gwi has turned him into a vampire and used his then-fiancee as ransom. Sung Yeol has no choice but to drink her blood to live. He then determined to take revenge on Gwi. But in order to do that, he first must find a book written by Lustful Students that could be the key to terminate Gwi forever.


Fast forward 200 years later, Sung Yeol is known as a mysterious nobleman who is looking for the book written by the late CP. He seeked help of Jo Yang Seon, a cross-dressing girl that works as a story teller and bookseller. Yang Seon’s identity was revealed one day when she was chased by the police and had to reveal her true self to the nobleman. Meanwhile, Gwi continues to search for Sung Yeol and now found a new weapon to lure him in. Gwi found a lookalike Sung Yeol’s fiancee; her name is Choi Hye Ryung. She has wagered her life with Gwi and in return, he must get her a seat as the King’s wife. In this case, the closest seat she could get is with the current CP, Lee Yoon. Lee Yoon’s dad was killed by Gwi and he, too, is searching for the book. In memorable of his ancestor Jung Hyun, Lee Yoon took his pen name and he is now the modern world Lustful Students.


On the last episode, it was revealed that Gwi once had an affair with human and had to kill her because she was pregnant with his child. According to him, that child could be the key to end his life. Dun dun dun! Coincidentally, when Yang Seon’s dad was killed as a scapegoat for hiding Lee Yoon’s identity, she found out that she is not his real daughter. Now, remember when Gwi mentioned that his child is also killed as well and it was years ago. *bites lip* He was not confident when he said that so… Can you smell where we are going here? I’m thinking that Gwi’s child survived and Yang Seon is his descendant! Ba da bing!


So far, we are 10 episodes in and 10 episodes more to go. I have no clue if they will extend the series. Too soon to know, kids. But would I recommend it for watch? I don’t know. By this time, we are deep enough to know that Yang Seon has fallen for Sung Yeol. Could they survive this human/vampire relationship? Or should Yang Seon moves to Tamra with her mom and sister? I really want a happy ending but at the rate of where we are right now, and with the OTP came from different world, I suspect another Arang ending. For those who are watching, what do you think? If you haven’t and have reached up to this point, would you watch it? It is at your risk, chingu. *shrugs*



12 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Scholar Who Walks The Night

  1. At this point in the show I’ve had it with the main characters and just watch the show to admire the lovely clothes and wondering where I can find a Gwi makeup tutorial. #teamGwi


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