Breaking News: Look Who Is Turning 23!


Yoo Seung Ho is!!! Happy birthday to my other cute bias!!! *claps* I’m so happy and beyond words to see him growing before my eyes. Isn’t he the most adorable creature in the world? *blushes* Look at that smile! It is so contagious I’m grinning from ear to ear too! I just can’t… He’s too cute!


Ever since he was released from the military, we have yet to see him in on our screen. His first project was print ad for magazine Grazia and then he went on a vacation before starting his first major work, Joseon Magician, that is set to air in late 2015. He has finished shooting for the movie and now keeping himself busy with CFs.


This picture was taken early this year. Look how mature he looks! *hands on cheeks*


Sigh… Can we say aaaaaaaadorable together? *bats lashes* Now I feel like having a Swiss roll…!


Finger heart to the birthday boy too!


And when ask about his ideal woman? Well, we already knew… Right? *wink* Don’t they look good together! I want my mall to be covered with posters of them too!!!! In fact, can we get a Lotte Mall in DC? What number I should dial to make this happen? I promise to be at the mall every week and gaze his posters (or hold hands with his life size cut-board) for hours *bats lashes*


Yeap, he is in lots of CFs. The boy is everywhere but on our silver screen!!!! Waeeeeee? I need him in dramas badly *cries*. I just wanna see him… To cure my emptiness, I started watching these these clips like mad. He is so… asdfghjkl!!!



Music Video

Just being cute clips

Okay, I think I should stop *laughs tears*. I could go on and on and on… Heh, I can’t help it! He’s too handsome to be ignored!





Looks like I’m unstoppable!!! *laughs* Saengil chukahaeyo, Seung Ho-ssi! Palli and do dramas, this noona is dying to see you again!


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