Wednesday Eu-Mak: Going Live

174Hellooooooooo! I’m officially back! Yes, no more hiatus until….. T______T October! Yeap, I’m constantly on the move these days. And I must say, even though I never complain about it, 2015 has been a very challenging year for my career. But, I will face it all one at a time and with open mind and heart! Hwaiting!

To commemorate my official back even though you’ve seen newer posts recently (I sneaked in a few) *wink*, I decided that today’s post will feature live performance by some of my favorite groups. The songs are their most recent comeback and are performed live. Now we can really see how talented they are and not just lipsynching. Well, perhaps a few of them are still are. I’m gonna let it slide… Too much to think of it at this wee hour. Amuden, let’s hear the songs now!





And MBLAQ… with lots of love and kisses from me!

I hope you enjoy their live performance! I hope to be back next week with a better songs, more toned down and less ga ga on pop! So who will get it? Stay tune! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day!


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