Just Dropped: Cruel Romance

I told myself that I will watch more Japanese dramas this year. Heh, I’m branching a little more from my list. This is another Chinese drama added to my watch list. I don’t even know why am I watching it. Peer pressure mostly. The reason why I hesitant to watch due to dubbing. Why? Most Chinese dramas require dubbing because the northern Chinese have deeper and harder to understand pronounciation whereas the southern are easier to pick up and understand. The main actress is from Taiwan and she, too, have her own accent. And even that, you noticed that they have Chinese subs as well… That is because sometimes it doesn’t get dub quick enough so they roll out the drama with Chinese subs. I am not a diva but I prefer to be without dubbing but I get it, even some Chinese can’t understand the other party. I grew up with the language so I’m biased. This is why it takes me a long time to watch this drama… I just can’t stand how it sound *cries*. 

But these weren’t the only things I’m picking on! I feel that Cruel Romance is overrated. It’s a so-so drama in my humble opinion but still very interesting to watch. I love the story line and the actions but I can’t help but rolling my eyes on the romance. So much cheesy and gooey that I just can’t….! And the drama is too damn draggy for my taste. I feel bad that I put this drama on hold for the longest time and finally, I feel that it’s time to drop it. No offense to all Cruel Romance lovers… I can’t see eye to eye with this show. I’m so done. To the drop list it goes… Zhaijian, Cruel Romance!


6 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Cruel Romance

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