Wednesday Eu-Mak: SNSD versus SNSD


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Congratulations, we made it to the last week of August! What this means? Fall is coming and the temperature is cooling. Are you ready for cooler weather though? Well, I am not. I just came back and still adjusting, and now I feel as if I’m running out of time with summer. I don’t know *shrugs* I guess I can’t stop the clock from moving, can I? Buttttt… *perks up* speaking of cool, who has gone cool to cooler now? The SNSD girls!!!! Yipppppppppeeee! A back to back release of new songs really made my last weekend awesome. Have you heard of their new releases? It is hard to miss, and if you haven’t please listen.

First of, let’s start with Lion Heart. This song was released on August 17. The MV is loaded with cuteness! The color scheme is so my color – pink! Their fashion and hairdos are so my style! I can’t help but drooling at them. They are so pretty and classy! And the song, oh my… the song is so catchy I just couldn’t stop humming it. I love this 60s vibe sound. They are just so easy to my ears and yours. Every time Mr. DJ spins Lion Heart, I can’t help but singing with them! Tell me whyyyyyyy…. Oooh, and dance to it, too! I truly love this song so much! This song made me beyond happy! I’m on cloud 9 all the time with Lion Heart. It could be my theme song for the day! And the story really cute… Mr. Lion is very naughty grrrrrrr!

The next new release is called You Think. And guess when it got released? The very next day!!! I know! What the hell, SM? I really wish they could have waited a bit longer. Now the song has to compete with Lion Heart! This made me upset a bit… I’m not sure what is the rational behind all this but whatever… The song is out. SNSD never fails to impress though coz once again, You Think is also as good as Lion Heart. But You Think is more upbeat and stronger and the girls’ image is sexier. You think you’re really cool? Hehehe then listen to this song too!

So… if it is up to you? Which song would you vote for? I know, I’m asking you to make a difficult choice. I can’t decide myself T_____T. That’s why I said SM is so cruel to their Sones! And there are other great songs from this album, too! Seriously… How am I to decide? Lion Heart? You Think? What about Party? Or Bump It? See? I wanna slap SM for once!


Okay y’all, enough fire for today. I hope you enjoy the songs. Yeap, it is a battle but we all have our own preference and taste. Whatever it is, stay gorgeous, Sones! And for none Sones… Stay happy!


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