Just Watched: Of Love and Rain


My last memory of Peter Ho and Janine Chang was horrible. They both were trapped in an unforgiving “slap kiss” romance that hard to believe, it may still exist in today’s world! Yeap, I’m talking about Le Jun Kai! *shudders* Let’s not dig out the past. But last night, I had the opportunity to erase all that with Of Love and Rain. This 4-episode web drama was the most cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile and what’s more, entertaining. My BP was high last night after Great First Wives (review to come soon), my current daily drama. Thanks to Bel, my night was calmer dramatically! *beams*

of love and rain

Of Love and Rain is of a simple love story of two childhood friends reunited unexpectedly and while they both have that “I think I like you but wait… I think i want to love you”, they both doesn’t know where or how to start. Peter is a quirky meteorologist with an obsession with fair trade organic coffee. He drives around town in his I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe electric, futuristic car and coffee bean bag. Janine is a coffee shop owner who collects rain from places she traveled. One night, Peter drove and happened to see a lady standing under her umbrella with her hand sticking out to feel the rain drops. Peter said that it is dangerous to do that. He meant it is dangerous to expose her hand under the rain because the water pH is too alkali. She mistaken him thinking that because of her car accident that was blocking the street. As she looked closer at him, she recognized who he is. She is his first love since he was a kid and was surprised to see her again! I went awwwwwww…. His kiddish smile got me laughing too! Anyway, he gave her a ride to the nearest bus stop but then he had to take a bus home because he forgot to charge his electric car! Before they separated, she asked him to give him a call and wrote her number on his palm. As soon as he got on the bus, a few numbers from his palm got washed away and when he turned back to see her, he saw a man approached Janine. Peter immediately sigh and most likely assumed he is her boyfriend.


The misunderstanding continues until one day, the man that helped Janine asked her what is wrong. And before you know it, the man called Peter in and introduced himself as Janine’s insurance agent. It turned out that he helps Janine and her family with their insurance and told Peter that he can bundle insurance between two people. Guess what? It turned out that this is a State Farm sponsored web drama and I assured you, bundling two insurances together means bundling Janine and Peter together! Win win for them! I adore this web drama. It is light and romantic! Quirky and nerdy. Fluffy and fun! What’s more, if you bundle up all the episodes together, they are less than 14 minutes long! See, bundling is a good thing! Do you bundle, chingu? *wiggles brows* And you can’t go wrong with Peter and Janine. Whenever they are paired together, their chemistry is off the chart!!!!!


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