Wednesday Eu-Mak: If You To Choose… MIO vs. Big Bang


Happy Wednesday and hellllllllllo to September! Can you believe we are months away before 2016 knocking on our doors? Yeap, me either. Time oh time, why are you moving too fast? And seriously, I feel behind in everything. The only one thing I try not leave behind is blogging but I know I’m behind in everything else… Life. My life, seriously, need an intervention. If you given a choice, what do you wanna do? If I’m given a choice, I need additional 24 hours on top of my 24 hours. I’ve been cutting down on everything else and working my hardest on watching lesser dramas (I’m falling at this, to be honest). But I realized I’m more focus on work and real life now… I have to give up something in order to get my life together. Don’t you?

Okay, enough ranting of my personal life… Let’s focus on MIO versus Big Bang. Really, I’m not a huge fan of Big Bang but I do listen to their songs once awhile. I confess that I have not listen to their latest album. I heard bits here and there and was not moved  by the tune. I don’t know, Big Bang has big potential but it felt too cheap and repetitive for my ears. This morning, I took my time and listen to If You

Wow, now this is how I would remember Big Bang from now on. There is no proper MV for If You so the MV you just saw is the hard work of Suzy Kim! Thanks, girl! And the song… wow, this is the saddest song I’ve heard from Big Bang. And with TOP opening the song w him actually singing? And here I thought he can’t sing! kfangurl must be super proud of her boy! Now, with If You… This song is so sweet and lay back, and it has that typical Big Bang melody and tune. I think the song is really a breeze to yours and my ears, and best of all, no one raps! I love that the song started with the sound of guitar… It really ease you up immediately.


So let’s hear the rendition of If You by MIO.

Wow, not bad, right? I like their version of If You too! The men sang it more ballady, jazzy, R&B and earthy! I’m just… speechless right now. They always made it above and beyond. I know, I know… I sounded very bias right now. But if you all know me a lot, I’m always drawn to more polished, more smooth ballad like song. And look at them three… Especially look at Cap’n America! My Cap’n America! *squeeeeeeee*


Which one do you prefer? Please be kind and sensitive *grins*. Okay, off me go and do my usual business! Have a great day!


What do you think?

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