Breaking News: Too Beautiful To…


This clip was posted two days ago and I came across it today via With ❤ and Seoul page. Thanks to Min Suga for posting this. It is a 12:26 minutes clip of a slice of velvety heaven, and it seriously made my day happier and joyous. Is it Christmas coz it feels like it now! But heh, I am not even watching it (just peep here and there) *wink* because… I’m at work! But just listening to this prologue is enough to make me happy! As Min Suga said, I too, can’t believe they have been hiding this clip from us! Wow, I should just shut up now. Go ahead and squee like I am now! The collection of music in this clip is just insane!!! It’s too much for my soul to handle now… Alright, alright… I’m so dead now! This feeling can’t take it anymore!


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Too Beautiful To…

  1. OMG, I have read the most of your blog and I realized that I have the same taste as yours ;,,)
    Firstly, Im a fan of aaron yan and puff, also im really into Chinese and korean drama, not to forget about japanese drama ❤️❤️ , and I really like bts and the other kpop groups 💘💘💘 , when I read your reviews i feel like I’m reading mine 😹😹 keep up with what you r doing. ❤


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