Wednesday Eu-Mak: Gangsta Paradise


Dear yeoreobun, happy hump day! How you doing? I hope all is well. How’s September treating you? Is it cooler where you are? It has gotten warmer again in my part of the world. Heh, I don’t want to complain much. Frankly, I’m not ready for cooler weather even though I prefer it that way. Anyway, let’s just get along with September…

This week, I have prepared two oldie songs for you to reminisce. The reason I named today’s post as Gangsta Paradise is because they seemed to be almost ready to fight whatever that is coming their way. The two fortunate groups I have selected for this post are B.A.P and of course, MBLAQ. They are two very different groups but they delivered their songs strongly and confidently. So let’s hear out the first song.

Yeap, it is one of B.A.P’s famous songs! One Shot! The song started cheesy in the beginning but after that mini intro, booooooom they went strong and high notes on us until the end! The soulful of the song despite being a pop is extremely welcoming. The rap part is a bit weak, I wish the rapper has stronger voice like Rap Mon but hey, you can’t have it all. The song itself is magnificent to my ear. It’s quite a masterpiece on its own. The MV is pretty intense, right? The forceful song added with this intense acting, I’m quite sold. Love the dance and plot of this MV. And the color scheme is fierce. What can I say… but daebak! *nods* I approved them and I’m excited that they are coming back after years of battling with their agency. I guess the lawsuit is over. I wish the boys all the best! Okay, next…

Hehehe… Yes, This Is War! Need I say more coz you know I am extremely biased since I’m an MBLAQ girl through and through. This song is just out of this world insane! The marriage between military and classical music blend in with pop is simple melodic. The passion is there. The feeling is totally there. It has this pow that you can’t resist to quit. Like BAP’s One Shot, This Is War MV is also intense. The dance and choreography are awesome, and the plot is great.. My only complain? Joon is toooootally into the character and it appeared to be overacting a bit! But hey, he is into his character and that’s why he is an actor today. But aren’t the boys lookin’ very fierce and strong and powerful on the floor? They filled my heart with this intense sensation that I just can’t describe. I’m just full of wow right now… *grin*


So yeah, I like these two songs like that *giggle*. I have yet to see gangsta influence MVs lately… Perhaps idols have move on to something different? I say bring it back! Old school MVs are classy! Alrighty, I’m out, yo! See y’all next week!


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